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Barium enema Xray
01 February 2012 @ 20:35

After suffering pain in my abdomen for some time (not all the time) & also passing motions which are generally really loose & sometimes liquid a few times daily for some time - having been a once a day person - my doctor tested my urine & I had blood tests which were taken after I'd fasted. I had a pelvic scan too. I'd got a slightly raised sugar but, as it was immediately after Christmas, maybe that was due to the amount of Celebrations etc I ate.  The ultrasound showed nothing.

Today I had more blood tests & I have another ultrasound arranged to check out above the pelvic area (stomach etc) on 10th February BUT I'm booked in for a barium enema Xray on 9th & it is this that I'm concerned about. I am in the UK (Bristol area) having these tests. I am a UK resident but with a holiday home on the Costa Blanca.

I've read so much about it on the internet that I don't know what to think anymore &, as I suffer from anxiety attacks especially when stressed like I am, I can't think of anything else & I have been having nightmares & little sleep. I have been prescribed Citalopram daily to try to stop these attacks. 

So, can anyone tell me THEIR experiences of having a barium enema Xray please?

Kindly say where you had it (Spain or the UK & when).

Many thanks. 



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Calm Down! said:
01 February 2012 @ 22:07

It's a few years ago now but the procedure is more embarrassing than painful.I had it in the UK.
You are asked to lie on your ( I think left) side and then your lower bowel is filled with a chalky solution which apparently coats the bowel in order to show up any problems within your bowel when it is x-rayed.
You will be asked to 'hold in' the liquid whilst the x-rays are taken.There may have been some discomfort, I cannot remember, but certainly not as much as there will be for the 'endoscopy' I am having in the morning.
After the x-rays are taken you will be taken to the bathroom to evacuate the solution, which is like a heavy clay suspended in liquid. There will be traces of this white clay when you go to the bathroom for about two days afterwards. That's it! Good Luck!

Calm Down! said:
01 February 2012 @ 22:21

I just noted that you said you had too many Celebrations. Do you mean the chocolates? I have IBS and can no longer digest chocolate. It remains undigested and causes pain, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, constipation and even dizziness, diarrhoea and nausea. Not just for a day or two after eating it but for weeks afterwards. I don't eat it now.

Blog owner said:
01 February 2012 @ 22:27

Hi Calm Down!

Yes, I meant Celebrations as in chocs. I suspect the blood sugar levels might have been due to me enjoying Christmas too much which, lets face it, is a time of indulgence. We'll see what today's bloods show. Chocs don't bother me & I don't eat it regularly.

Thanks for your input. Appreciated.

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