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Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays.

Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays is about the many and varied dogs that we find around our village. Many are abandonados, some are just plain lost, all are real characters, mostly streetwise but occasionally foolhardy. These are some of the stories...

And on a much lighter note...
29 September 2011 @ 04:20

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comotuquires said:
28 November 2011 @ 00:56

Normally this little furry creator called gho is the only animal (Apart from humanos) that cobras fear from as the feet and nails will kill if the two encounter each other and the battle lasts a while, Most homes have Ghos as pets where snakes cobras are common in the neighbouhood. Also used for climbing heights -with a rope tide to the Gho's tail and thrown ht the desired wall and it grabs on while one can climb up.

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