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Holidays and Lifestyle in Tarifa

What makes Tarifa unique? What makes Tarifa one of the best holiday destinations in the world? What holiday accommodation does Tarifa offer? What about moving to Tarifa or buying a home here? All these questions and more will be answered in this blog.

Making a Villa for Rent in Tarifa Work for You!
28 July 2011 @ 13:34

These days more and more people are opting for a villa for rent in Tarifa. Although the price for a villa rental in Tarifamay be high compared to other options, people are making this type of holiday possible by organising group holidays.

One such group is the family and friends of Noah Stevenson. He has been coming to Tarifa to kite for four years now and for two of those years, they’ve booked a villa in La Peña. We took the time to ask him about his most recent holiday.

Noah, what appeals to you about a villa for rent in Tarifa?

Well both my wife, Laura and I come from large families. Both my brother and one of Laura’s brothers are also into kite surfing, so when we started coming here about four years, they were jealous. The following year we decided to book a group holiday and the villa was the best option.

What is about a villa for rent in Tarifa that makes your holiday great?

Wow, lots of things. First of all the villa is beautiful. We have everything we need there. The kids love the swimming pool and having the enclosed garden means that it’s really easy to watch them but at the same time let them just get on with having a good time. Because we are also so close to the beach it also easy for me and the guys to grab our gear and hit the waves the minute a breeze brews.

Do you think you will book a villa for rent in Tarifa next year?

Yes absolutely. We have so many good memories from this year. Laura organised for a local yoga teacher to come to the house a couple of times. We had amazing barbeques in the evening. The weather was perfect. We got the chance to do lots of kiting and the kids were never bored. We call that a great holiday. We’ll definitely be coming back.

If you would like more information on booking a villa for rent in Tarifa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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