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Holidays and Lifestyle in Tarifa

What makes Tarifa unique? What makes Tarifa one of the best holiday destinations in the world? What holiday accommodation does Tarifa offer? What about moving to Tarifa or buying a home here? All these questions and more will be answered in this blog.

Why Choose a House Rental In Tarifa?
20 July 2011 @ 18:41

Easy access to international travel and competitive flight prices has opened up a world of holiday destinations to holiday-makers, which begs the question why choose ahouse rental in Tarifa?

Actually this is two questions in one. The first being why choose Tarifa and the second being why a rent a house in Tarifa?

It’s true that Tarifa has been a popular holiday destination for almost three decades. It first became popular in the Eighties with the arrival of the wind surfers. It quickly became known as the Costa del Surf.

Back in those days, you could expect a house rental in Tarifa to offer little more than the basic comforts of running water and clean sheets.

How things have changed. During that time, Tarifa has been integral in introducing a new sport to the world, chiefly kite surfing while at the same time, the local housing market has progressed in leaps and bounds to offer contemporary visitors a huge selection of holiday accommodation.

Gone are the days when a house rental in Tarifa meant a rustic cabin that offered little more than protection from the wind. These days Tarifa houses for rent are a sophisticated collection of beach front dream houses and exclusive townhouses.

Most do retain some of the original flavour that makes Tarifa houses for rent unique. They come with roof terraces and / or private pools. They are located within easy access to the beach. They are a stone’s throw away from all the great shops.

And this brings me back to one of the reasons why Tarifa is such a great holiday destination. Because of its small size, its appeal is unique. For many the town feels like one great resort especially fashioned to accommodate their beach, surfing, shopping and eating needs, which is why they come back again and again.

For more information on house rentals in Tarifa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct.

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