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Holidays and Lifestyle in Tarifa

What makes Tarifa unique? What makes Tarifa one of the best holiday destinations in the world? What holiday accommodation does Tarifa offer? What about moving to Tarifa or buying a home here? All these questions and more will be answered in this blog.

Go Mountain Biking in Tarifa
29 June 2011 @ 14:13

Tarifa is predominantly known for water sports. But in the recent years, the area has become popular for many other sporting activities and one of those is mountain biking.

Such is the growth in the popularity of mountain biking, that many locals are now participating in regional and national competitions and getting great results.

But of course, for many who visit Tarifa, the sport is all about the chance to get out in nature, experience the raw terrain and enjoy the pleasure of biking cross-country.

Tarifa’s main attraction as a mountain biking course is largely due to its location and geography.

Firstly, Tarifa is located between two natural parks, Los Alcornocales and El Estrecho. These two parks provide lots of great tours including tracks through forests that involves navigating some difficult terrain and across wide-open green landscapes.

Because of Tarifa’s proximity to Morocco, those tours, which move south towards the coastline also offer stunning views across the Strait to the coasts of north Africa.

Local mountain bike companies such as Art of Surfing (AOS) also organise tours to Morocco, which means that bikers can spend a week experiencing tours in two different continents.

When you book a mountain bike tour with AOS, the tour includes the use of Cannondale mountain bikes, repair kits, helmets and a qualified instructor.

The price of a tour varies depending on the length of the route but prices begin at around 35 euros a day. It’s also possible to simply hire a bike for the day for about 20 euros and the day trip to Morocco costs 80 euros; that price includes the ferry crossing.

It’s not necessary to have any experience to go mountain biking in Tarifa as the tours can easily be modified to suit the level of the tour participants.

For more information on the various mountain bike tours in Tarifa, contact Tony at Tarifa Direct today.


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