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Holidays and Lifestyle in Tarifa

What makes Tarifa unique? What makes Tarifa one of the best holiday destinations in the world? What holiday accommodation does Tarifa offer? What about moving to Tarifa or buying a home here? All these questions and more will be answered in this blog.

Making a Villa for Rent in Tarifa Work for You!
28 July 2011

These days more and more people are opting for a villa for rent in Tarifa. Although the price for a villa rental in Tarifamay be high compared to other options, people are making this type of holiday possible by organising group holidays.

One such group is the family and friends of Noah Stevenson. He has been coming to Tarifa to kite for four years now and for two of those years, they’ve booked a villa in La Peña. We took the time to ask him about his most recent holiday.

Noah, what appeals to you about a villa for rent in Tarifa?

Well both my wife, Laura and I come from large families. Both my brother and one of Laura’s brothers are also into kite surfing, so when we started coming here about four years, they were jealous. The following year we decided to book a group holiday and the villa was the best option.

What is about a villa for rent in Tarifa that makes your holiday great?

Wow, lots of things. First of all the villa is beautiful. We have everything we need there. The kids love the swimming pool and having the enclosed garden means that it’s really easy to watch them but at the same time let them just get on with having a good time. Because we are also so close to the beach it also easy for me and the guys to grab our gear and hit the waves the minute a breeze brews.

Do you think you will book a villa for rent in Tarifa next year?

Yes absolutely. We have so many good memories from this year. Laura organised for a local yoga teacher to come to the house a couple of times. We had amazing barbeques in the evening. The weather was perfect. We got the chance to do lots of kiting and the kids were never bored. We call that a great holiday. We’ll definitely be coming back.

If you would like more information on booking a villa for rent in Tarifa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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Why a Tarifa House for Rent can Make your Holiday
26 July 2011

This summer Michael and Jean Campbell chose a house for rent in Tarifa for their July holiday. We took the time to talk to Michael and ask him about the  experience.


First of all Michael, why Tarifa?

We have two kids; one eight and the other eleven. They are at that age now where they want to be on the go all day long but they don’t necessarily want us around. We wanted a holiday destination where we knew they would be safe but we could leave them to their own devices. Friends of ours had been to Tarifa before and told us it was a great spot for kids.

Did it take you long to choose the accommodation?

We look at a few options but we also that finding a house to rent in Tarifa was most likely the best option. We wanted the kids to feel at home. We’ve stayed in hotels before but found the kids were always waiting for us. We wanted them to have a bit more freedom.

So what were the advantages of renting a house in Tarifa?

We choose a townhouse close to both town and the beach with a communal pool off the back garden. This meant the kids could get up in the morning, make breakfast, hang out and watch TV or play video games till we got up. Then we’d have our breakfast on the terrace while the kids played in the pool. It was just so relaxed.

Do you think choosing a Tarifa house for rent made a difference to the holiday?

Most definitely. First of all it gave us the choice to eat out or eat at home. And because Andalucia is so child friendly, it was no problem bringing the kids with us on the evenings that we wanted to eat out. Ultimately our Tarifa house for rent felt like a home away from home.

If you would like more information on booking your Tarifa house for rent, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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Good Holidays Start with an Apartment for Rent in Tarifa
25 July 2011

Earlier this summer, Jon and his mates, Luke and Richard booked an apartment to rent in Tarifa for a week-long kite surfing holiday.

So we asked them a few questions about their Tarifa kite holiday and renting an apartment in Tarifa.

What was the best thing about the holiday?

‘Definitely the kiting. We were lucky, we got four days of perfect wind, which meant we have been on the beach almost every day. We’ve wanted to learn how to kite for a few years now, so it was great to finally have the chance.’

Why Tarifa?

‘It was just a really easy holiday to book. There are lots of flights from the UK to Malaga and car hire was cheap. We already knew about Tarifa because we wanted to learn to kite and if you’re in Europe, it just makes logistical sense to go to Tarifa.’

Was it easy to find your Tarifa apartment for rent?

‘Again we just went online and booked it. We looked at a couple of options but when we saw that Tarifa Direct has apartments to rent in Tarifa right on the beach, we knew that was what we wanted.’

Was it the right apartment for you?

‘It was great. You can’t beat waking up in the morning, walking onto the terrace and just chilling there for a few hours before the day begins. I really enjoyed those quiet mornings; sets you up perfectly for the day ahead.’

What about night-time?

‘Well even though our apartment was right on the beach, it was only ten minutes walk from town so we went out every night. We made a point of trying a different restaurant every night which was easy because Tarifa has a lot to choose from.’

If you would like more information on booking an apartment for rent in Tarifa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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Where To Find The Perfect Villa Rental in Tarifa
21 July 2011

Does such a thing as the perfect villa rental in Tarifa exist? Well, it most certainly does if your idea of the perfect holiday includes a sumptuous spacious villa, tucked away in nature, overlooking the beach with its own private pool and staff.

Because this is exactly what you get when you book a Tarifa villa for rent. Firstly, nearly all of the best Tarifa villas are located on La Peña mountain, which is about three miles drive from Tarifa town.

There are a tiny few villas located on the beach but only Tarifa Direct has the most exclusive beach villa on its books. This beautiful villa, located on Valdevaqueros Beach has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Because of its direct access to the beach, it’s possible to wind and kite surf right in front of it, meaning you never have to walk more than five minutes to get to the shoreline. If you feel like hanging out at home, there’s the private pool or the cool salon where you can while away a musky evening.

All of Tarifa Direct’s luxury villas for rent in Tarifa offer this kind of convenience and comfort. If you opt for a villa in La Peña, you can also expect to find a private pool and outdoor dining areas, big enough to accommodate ten or twelve.

Each of the villas has its own unique layout but sleeping quarters are typically divided over different areas of the grounds, meaning that parents and children can get their own peace and quiet while teenagers can retire to the secluded pool house. Or the parents can go there and the teenagers can mind the kids!

The point is whatever your family set-up or holiday expectations, rent a Tarifa villa and you are sure to have the perfect holiday.

For more information on renting a Tarifa villa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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Why Choose a House Rental In Tarifa?
20 July 2011

Easy access to international travel and competitive flight prices has opened up a world of holiday destinations to holiday-makers, which begs the question why choose ahouse rental in Tarifa?

Actually this is two questions in one. The first being why choose Tarifa and the second being why a rent a house in Tarifa?

It’s true that Tarifa has been a popular holiday destination for almost three decades. It first became popular in the Eighties with the arrival of the wind surfers. It quickly became known as the Costa del Surf.

Back in those days, you could expect a house rental in Tarifa to offer little more than the basic comforts of running water and clean sheets.

How things have changed. During that time, Tarifa has been integral in introducing a new sport to the world, chiefly kite surfing while at the same time, the local housing market has progressed in leaps and bounds to offer contemporary visitors a huge selection of holiday accommodation.

Gone are the days when a house rental in Tarifa meant a rustic cabin that offered little more than protection from the wind. These days Tarifa houses for rent are a sophisticated collection of beach front dream houses and exclusive townhouses.

Most do retain some of the original flavour that makes Tarifa houses for rent unique. They come with roof terraces and / or private pools. They are located within easy access to the beach. They are a stone’s throw away from all the great shops.

And this brings me back to one of the reasons why Tarifa is such a great holiday destination. Because of its small size, its appeal is unique. For many the town feels like one great resort especially fashioned to accommodate their beach, surfing, shopping and eating needs, which is why they come back again and again.

For more information on house rentals in Tarifa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct.

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The Simple Joy of an Apartment rental in Tarifa
18 July 2011

One of the easiest way to organise a simple holiday is to opt for an apartment rental in Tarifa. That’s because this type of holiday is made simple by the fact that you know exactly what you are getting.

Apartment rentals in Tarifa generally fall into two categories insofar as when you rent an apartment in Tarifa, you have two options: in the town or on the beach.

Of the two, beach apartments in Tarifa tend to be more expensive, particularly in summer time, which is when the high season prices kick in.

You can expect a Tarifa beach apartment to cost around seventy euros a day in low season and up to one-hundred and eighty a day in peak season. A Tarifa apartment priced at this rate typically comes with two bedrooms and can sleep up to five people.

As all the beach front apartments in Tarifa are newly built, you can expect a modern apartment with all the conveniences as well as a stunning view of and easy access to the beach.

Those Tarifa apartments located in or around the town tend to offer greater variety both in terms of price and accommodation.

Most of the apartments located in Tarifa’s old town are usually more rustic in flavour which means the interior is stone white washed walls with tiled floors and the furniture is either old Spanish or Moroccan in style.

Depending on which part of town the apartment is located it may or may not have views to the African coastline. That said most Tarifa town apartments do have roof terraces where sunset can be enjoyed along with a private barbeque. Prices for Tarifa town apartments start at around 70 euros a day.

For more information on apartment rentals in Tarifa or to book your Tarifa apartment, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.



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Find the Best Tarifa Apartments for Rent
13 July 2011

When you make the decision to take your holidays in Tarifa, you’ll discover that there are lots of Tarifa apartments for rent. Finding the best Tarifa apartment for you is typically decided by two factors: budget and holiday expectations.


When you search Tarifa Direct’s extensive database of Tarifa apartments, you will see that Tarifa apartments for rentbegin at around the 50 euros per day price mark. This will get you a small studio apartment in the old town. Of course you can spend a lot more than that by, for example, taking a penthouse apartment on the beach. However, if you plan to come to Tarifa as part of a group holiday, you can keep the cost of your Tarifa apartment rental to a minimum but still enjoy all the benefits of a luxury apartment.

Holiday Expectations

Do you want to surf? Do you want to explore? Do you want to lounge? Do you want to hear the sound of the waves lapping on the shoreline as you fall asleep? Do you want to be able to get to the beach the minute the wind starts to blow? Do you want easy access to shops? Do you want to eat out every night? Do you want a barbeque on your terrace? Do you want a comfortable place to watch the sunset in the evening? Let’s face it, holidays are a dream and we all want our dreams to come true. Renting a Tarifa apartment that meets with your holiday expectations means that you are one step closer to making your fantasy a reality. Rent a Tarifa apartment on the beach and you can commit to the beach life. Rent a Tarifa apartment in the old town and feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

For more information on renting a Tarifa apartment, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.


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Indulge in Luxury when you Rent a Tarifa Villa
12 July 2011

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a millionaire to rent a Tarifa villa. Au contraire. There are many ways to make renting a Tarifa villa affordable and ensure your holiday is a luxury experience.

Here we look at some cost effective ways to rent a Tarifa Villa.

1. Family Share

One of the best ways to beat the recession and still enjoy a luxury holiday is to get together with your family friends and organise a joint holiday. Tarifa villas make this an easy choice. Being spacious with separated sleeping quarters means that children and parents can have their own space and enjoy some ‘me’ time. Also bear in mind that Tarifa villas come with additional services such as in-house cleaner, chef and babysitter, meaning that both mum and dad get some well-earned time off.

2. Group Holidays

Tarifa has been a popular destination for groups of holidaymakers for a long time. The diversity of activities available in Tarifa means that every individual can be catered for, ensuring everybody’s holiday expectations are met. Typically Tarifa villas come with four and five bedrooms, meaning that groups of ten and twelve can be easily accommodated.

3. Low Season

Tarifa is unique insofar as it is not just a summer time holiday destination. Particularly if you are coming to Tarifa to wind or kite surf, it is actually more enjoyable to come in the low season months of May and October. The weather conditions are perfect this time of year for windsurfing or kitesurfing and you have the added bonus of having the beach to yourself. You can expect low season prices to be up to and more than 2,000 euros cheaper than high season prices.

For more information on renting a Tarifa villa, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.


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Live the Life when you Rent a Tarifa House
11 July 2011

The main thing most holiday-makers look for when theyrent a Tarifa house is a home away from home. Because let’s face it, when you arrive at your Tarifa house, you want all the convenience of home with the beautiful coastal surroundings that Tarifa offers.

Tarifa Direct has a wide selection of Tarifa houses available from rustic town houses located in the Casco Antiguo (old town) to country houses located in the natural parks that border Tarifa.

The type of holiday that you are looking for will determine the type of house that suits you but all of these Tarifa houses come with certain features as standard.

Expect to find Tarifa houses with two, three and four bedrooms that can sleep up to ten. Also expect fully fitted kitchens with a hob, oven, fridge, washing machine, microwave and toaster.

Typically sitting rooms are large and airy with comfy sofas, satellite television and DVD. Not that you will be spending much time watching TV when you rent a Tarifa house.

That’s because you will be too busy enjoying all the great things that Tarifa has to offer from exciting water sports, stunning beaches, interesting excursions and delightful restaurants.

That said you’ll want the choice to relax at home after a long day on the beach or playing in the water and this is when you’ll really appreciate renting a Tarifa house. Most come with roof terraces where you can hang out, watch sunset, chat with friends and enjoy the aroma of barbeque steak and prawns.

In these times of recession when everyone is watching the pennies, Tarifa houses offer you the kind of self-catering holiday that means you can save money but still feel that you are living like a king and holidaying with royalty.

For more information on the best choice of Tarifa houses for you, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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When to Rent a Tarifa Apartment
07 July 2011

While it is possible to rent a Tarifa Apartment all year round, there are certain considerations to keep in mind whatever the time of year.

Firstly, it’s important to note that while there are many varied Tarifa apartments for rent to choose from, visitors to Tarifa tend to be loyal customers.

What does that mean? That means that the people who holiday in Tarifa have been coming to the town for a long time, know what they like and book a year in advance.

Tarifa was made famous because of its excellent conditions for wind and kite surfing. It first became popular as a wind surfing spot in the Eighties. As a tourist destination, the town is shaped by its weather conditions, which determine the busy times of the year.

Keeping those two things in mind, there are two times of the year when renting a Tarifa apartment can be difficult. Those times are Easter and high season which runs from mid-July to mid-September.

If you plan on coming to Tarifa at either of these times, it’s crucial to book your Tarifa apartment rentalmonths in advance because accommodation during these times is scarce.

These times of the year attract the loyal holiday-makers who are familiar with the Tarifa apartments that they like, which tend to be the cream of the crop.

So before you book your Tarifa apartment, make sure you know what you want from your Tarifa holiday.

If you are coming to Tarifa to surf and want an apartment by the beach, it’s crucial to make your booking in advance. If you are looking for more rustic accommodation and want to experience the ethnicity of Tarifa’s old town, again, only advance booking will guarantee the right Tarifa apartment for you.

For more information on Tarifa apartments for rent, contact Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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