Why Sun, Sea And Sand Is Not Enough Any More

Published on 02/06/2008 in Relocating to Spain

Elderly man looking at the beachOnce upon a time sun, sea and sand were the essential ingredients to an improved quality of life. A few years ago that was all estate agents had to mention in their usual homepage spiel and we were all flying out in excited petition just begging to sign on the dotted line and part with their hard earned cash. Since then a lot has happened and today people are far more informed and prepared before they make the move. Today anyone caught trying to persuade savvy shoppers by promises of Disneyland and railway links had better be ready for their retorts.

People are now equipped to make their own minds up. They no longer take for granted the biased information provided by those better life abroad programmes and their sister magazines. Instead, they turn to forums for real life experiences from those who have actually done it for advice. Thinking back, just four or five years ago, those moving to Spain were actually quite clueless and naïve to think that sun, sea and sand was enough and that everything would fall into place.

After much careful research more and more people realise that unbearable heat for two months of the year that prohibits you from doing anything remotely physical is not a feature of an improved quality of life. They also realise that there is only so much time you can and should spend on the beach because it does give you wrinkles and skin cancer. Again, wrinkles and skin cancer, to me, is not what an improved quality of life is all about.

Most importantly they are no longer blinded to the possible reality of living without street lights, refuse collection and mains water connection. They have read all about it and are understandably cautious. There is no way that this lot will be giving into hard sale and good for them .Hopefully, they won’t be caught out like the rest of us that came before them and are still paying for our hasty, poorly researched decisions.

Nowadays people want to know everything. In the past we were quite prepared to make sacrifices of the things that we took for granted. People now want to be sure that they can still go to a decent gym and entertain their children with activities other than the beach.

They realise that an improvement in their quality of life also requires good schooling for their children and healthcare. Today those that are choosing to relocate to Spain have definitely done their homework. Their motives for improving their quality of life are less shallow than those who embarked on the adventure a few years ago.  They are probably approaching it with a much healthier attitude and should be more successful than the recent influx.

Written by: Susan Pedalino

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Skajd - Andy said:
07 December 2012 @ 03:35

I am a newbie here but I must say I am finding your posts very interesting and knowledgeable

Patonjea25 said:
03 June 2008 @ 16:35

I spent hundreds of hours on the internet researhing absolutely everything before I moved to Spain and even managed to coerce my Spanish-only speaking abogado into accepting that, unless the full purchase price was put on the escritura, then there would be no purchase!. The research has been invaluable when dealing with the authorities out here and my husband and I have been most fortunate in that we have bought, sold and repurchased out here all in the space of two years and all without a hitch or any feeling of being duped. We have dealt with Gestorias, Telefonica, Hipotecas, Bancos etc. all with no less problem than in the Reino Unido. Moral of this blissful state: Do your homework - thoroughly!

pinetree said:
03 June 2008 @ 09:52

My Advise would be to maybe rent for a while before you commit to buying. Find out about the area first, and be prepared for a very stressful journey in the buying process.There is no easy way because the spanish have their own way of doing things ,and the laws and regulations change so much.

Its very important to stay up todate with what is happening and the forums can help.I have made several posts to our experience but I will say, we have now had all our issues resolved and are ready to move end of this month it has taken over 3 years to get where we needed to be.

Its cost us more money then expected, it has been tearful,frustrating and we have sometimes laughed so be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions.

I cannot stress this point enough ask plenty of questions do not feel you always have to be over polite be asseritive, and make sure you have a very good legal advisor who stays intouch.Believe in what you say, do not feel intimidated because you are buying in a foreign country that is your money at the end of the day and it must be legal and built professionally.

I have read many sad stories on the forums where people have lost money and are at wits end,and do not think its because it is through stupidity but maybe more being vunerable.

so do not be another victim if your not sure do not sign anything know matter how the good factor feels at the time ,it could end up a nightmare instead of a dream be realistic and do not have high expectations it can come right but you will need to tread carefully and be patient.Good luck to all future investors.

crostrad said:
03 June 2008 @ 09:31

I couldn't agree more about the use of forums when researching a potential move. Six years ago we had a bad experience in (nearly ) buying a rural property in the Albox area which resulted in loss of a small deposit and loss of a lot of wasted time. We were put off from trying to buy again until we discovered a forum dedicated to naming the good, the bad and the ugly in the Valencia area. We used an agent, and later a solicitor that we discovered through the forum-- and now are pleased owners of a reformed town house. Best of all was that the whole deal was painless thanks to the fantastic support of the agent ( now a good friend in Spain ) and a most efficient solicitor.So yes, use the forums and your own best judgement before you get into a deal.

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