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Published on 15/11/2006 in Relocating to Spain

Unemployed Brits Are Forced to Return to the UK

When you tell people that you are moving to Spain, a common response is “What are you going to do there?” in other words they are thinking “I would love to do that too but how could I earn a living there?” It is true that for many people who relocate to Spain, they are often forced to take work which they are over skilled and over qualified for. Likewise, they often succumb to salaries much lower than those we expect in the UK. Naturally, the novelty of living and working in the sun soon wears off when you can barely afford your rent, never mind enjoy the regular nights out that you took for granted in the UK. It is for this reason that so many disillusioned Brits below retirement age are forced to return to the UK.

Commute from Spain to the UK

But there seems to be a way around this. A way in which you can enjoy a good lifestyle in Spain without sacrificing your UK salary. How? Join the increasing number of international commuters. These are a growing number of expats who choose to live in Spain but continue to work in the UK. With daily flights from Spain to many UK airports, you can commute in just two hours and get down to the grindstone for part of the week and spend the long weekend at home in Spain. With UK traffic being what it is, some workers spend this amount of time on the road commuting between towns and cities every day. In fact, it is probably quicker and often cheaper, if booked in advance, to travel from Malaga to London than from London to Manchester.

An Opportunity for Young People to get on the Property Ladder

Young people priced out of the UK property market are also seeing international commuting as an opportunity to get on the property ladder in cheaper parts of Spain. Pushed further and further out from City centres, travelling from another country seems more feasible. They no longer want to sit on crammed commuter trains twice a day, they would prefer to catch a more comfortable flight twice per week and walk to the office from a local B&B.

Working From Home Abroad

Some are going so far as to forsake the UK office entirely, perhaps only “turning up” to work for one week out of the month. According to the Future Forum report carried out by Thompson by 2016 there will be as many as 1.5 million expat commuters into the UK. The internet, low cost phone calls and emails are encouraging companies to rethink the conventional everything under one roof office practice and allow their staff greater flexibility. With a laptop, a mobile and a broadband connection, a virtual office can be created wherever you are located. The mentality behind this is that staff with a better quality lifestyle at home will be more productive and happier in their work. In addition, the influence of living in a different country, language and lifestyle gives employees new skills and a fresh perspective to contribute.

The Information Economy Sector

The new information economy is about jobs associated with ideas, creativity and design. This can be done anywhere in the world, location is irrelevant. Although, it may not be suited to more conventional nine to five office jobs, it will suit those with less fixed hours i.e. lawyers, writers, designers and internet-based jobs.

The Commuter Lifestyle is Not for Everyone

However, the lifestyle might not be for everyone and is only suitable for those who don’t mind being independent and can cope with the instability, especially those commuting back and forth weekly. Although, it might be an option for those looking for an affordable home, one mustn’t overlook the hidden costs that might outweigh any saving you make with cheaper house prices e.g. flights, hotel costs, eating out whilst away from home and inconveniences such as airport delays and strikes.

Written by: Susan Pedalino

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Le Shoes said:
07 February 2007 @ 12:03

Fantastic idea I endorse whole heartedly!! Only trouble is I have been looking for work in the UK to be based here and havent as yt got an intrview. I have my own little business here but need more income so hence my applications. If you know of any expat friendly employers please let me know. My difficulty so far has been the enviable one from them as ...why arent they doing it..not employing you as not convinced of the committmentwhich on my behalf is not in question

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