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15 Nov 2019 17:08:

Wow that is a huge change.  Are you sure your numbers are correct?

It sound like the current annual cost is 27,500.  That is 2500 X 11.  

If there is no change to the total fees, then you are saying you now will be paying 27% of the total.   Is your apartment really that much bigger than everyone else's?   It would need to be on the scale of everyone else having 100 sqmt and yours is 370 sqmt

Thread: Fee hike without warning - legal?

06 Oct 2019 23:19:

Mike, if the specification was not changing you might be able to successfully argue that it is maintenance but as some of the people are seeking an increase in Pontencia it becomes an upgrade and the consumer  pays. It is the same in the UK.

i am in Fuerteventura and it is exactly the same for us.   

I was CEO of the largest Power Station in Derbyshire for ten years.   

Thread: Hi from an Owner in Tenerife

06 Oct 2019 19:13:

Mike,   Mariedav is spot on.  It is not a good idea to replace the main bus in your consumer unit without having your wiring checked and as the circuit will be live you could get one whale of a jolt trying to do it if you slip.  You are correct that those who opt for a higher power rating will have to pay for the higher contracted amount of electricity.  

The standing charge is for potential generation.  Generation is both finite and instantaneous.   If sufficient generating capacity is not available you can end up with brown outs, low frequency and finally blackouts.  

There will be a breaker on the upstream end of the meter as well.  It will correspond to the contracted amount of electricity.  If you put a bigger breaker into the consumer unit which allows you to draw more than the breaker on the upstream end of the meter the meter breaker will blow.  They are usually time delayed so you will not be able to reset at your consumer unit right away.  If Endesa has to come out and reset it they will insist viewing your consumer unit.  If they spot that you have altered the main fuse rhey will hit you with a retrospective additional charge for increased contracted standby to the last time they or a qualified electrician certified the contracted maximum off take.  Short answer do not increase the breaker value in your consumer unit. 

Any charge related to an increase of the contracted capacity is the responsibility of the consumer.  The electricity company is generally responsible for the wiring post breaker but only as far as the original specification calls for.  If you increase the requirements you foot the bill.  The same is true in the UK

Thread: Hi from an Owner in Tenerife

23 Sep 2019 12:18:

Of course arguing that in your opinion, other people's opinion my be fantasies related to their mental health, can be equally applied to your opinions Kavanagh.

Given that your screen name and avatar are a fictional TV character (same with Angeleyes) I do take that as the starting point in identifying fantacists.

Thread: Operation Yellow Hammer

17 Sep 2019 17:29:

Or you could just pick up the phone and ask where they want it delivered to given the weather.  Seems like you lot just want to have a fight with someone and then say but on EOS the guy said blah, blah , blah

Thread: Latest weather and Murcia airport


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