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22 Jan 2021 12:55 by simongolf Star rating. 118 forum posts Send private message

Hi Everyone, I just wondered if the new Corvera Airport has brought about an increase in casual visitors to Corvera Golf & Country Club ? I suppose it would help if the Golf Course and Club House were open so casual visitors would have somewhere to actually go ! But i was just interested whether the general feeling is that the new Airport is a good thing for Corvera Golf & Country Club or not ? Also is there any news at all as to whether work might start this Spring on bringing the Golf Course back into use ? 

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23 Jan 2021 11:58 by DirkJ. Star rating. 6 forum posts Send private message



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23 Jan 2021 14:26 by DirkJ. Star rating. 6 forum posts Send private message

The new airport has been relatively succesful from start, concerning that not all flights from San Javier changed directly to Corvera. Also: earlier strikes by Ryanair and current period of covid could be 'deadly' for any company, even airports. Luckily Amazon is building two of their greatest wharehouses close to the airport and is expected to contribute hundreds of jobs; that reduces chanches, that the airport closes before they have gained a permanent position. If the national Government and Murcia province finally show a more pro active attitude (in general, pro active does not exist in Spanish) in marketing and their huge business- and tourist potential, all will be ok. 

Regarding Corvera Golf: it's quite obvious that banks have paid large sums of their overdue obligations. You can see that renovations and improvements have been carried out almost daily since last year. Despite this, still no green light regarding new exploitations of the golf course. At this moment the Board is feeling more and more pressure from owners to be more active to start negotiations with landowner Sareb. It takes time, but there's only one legal destination for the land, that's golf. Original prices will never be achieved again, but the better objects (f.e. the better maintained penthouses) certainly have the potential to catch up. (Yes, you can make me an offer in private mail. haha)

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22 Feb 2021 15:09 by simongolf Star rating. 118 forum posts Send private message

Hi Everyone, thanks for your reply Dirk, it's great to hear that the new airport has been a relative success, hopefully that will continue when travelling within Spain and in Europe returns to normal levels. Well for me personally i bought an apartment on 'CORVERA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB' , i thought i was buying a property on an active golf resort and within a residential holiday community. At the moment it's a nice residential community, but not a 'RESORT'. To that end i am desperate for the golf course and golf driving range to be restored soon, then i'm hoping that other resort facilities may follow in due course (such as Hotel, Spa, Cycle Hire Centre, Restaurants, Shops, Bars, etc which is what original buyers were promised in the first place) . Yes i overpaid for my property purchase, but i won't care too much about that if CORVERA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB finally becomes the resort it was designed to be. I wonder if Jose Maria Olazabal will get involved in the Golf Course Restoration ? I think he should....


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