Recommendation please for uk car to spanish registration

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25 Jul 2019 12:40 by Glenbrien1 Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message


We need to register a UK car onto spanish plates. Recommendations would be very welcome but not Gecko services as called them 4 times now. It is a Saab Convertible 2095. Does not have a Spanish mot and in storage in Vera. Coming out to Vera end August and would like it all sorted in the 10 days of holiday. 

Kind regards

Geoff Shilton 

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28 Jul 2019 12:21 by windtalker Star rating. 1787 forum posts Send private message

It will cost approximately €1,500 + to put a rhd car on to Spanish plates ...I know second hand Spanish cars are more than double the price.. that you can buy them for in the UK ..but the resale value of a rhd car in Spain is approximately the same as you would buy it in the UK I would look at buying at lhd if you are in it for the long haul car before I committed to having it transported / replated up against buying in Spain ... funny thing is that new Spanish cars are the same price as the UK ..for some reason or another they seem to more expensive second hand with a million miles on the clock.


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