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25 Mar 2017 19:10 by Keef Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message


We are coming out in June to view properties in Condado. From the info available on line it looks like a well established resort with some very good value properties. Particularly like the town centre with its restaraunts and bars.

Last year we looked at several resorts that had properties within our budget, HDA, La Torre, the Boulevard at Mar Menor and Terrazes.

We had an offer accepted on a property at La Torre, but unfortunately this fell through.

Last year we very nearly bought a property at HDA, we thought the 2 bed bath properties at Malaysia were fantastic value. However we were put off by smell from the pig farms, and the flies were really bad.

Does Condado have problems pig farm smells or flies.




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27 Mar 2017 00:21 by Katmon Star rating. 16 forum posts Send private message

I dont live Permanently in these two locations but have seen both recently, (condado and HDA)

i did not notice pig  farms smell in HDA...but noticed other things there ...

Condado is well established and livelier, did not notice any farm smell...

in the end, its a personal,choice, ...depends on what is important for you.

is it a holiday home or a permanent home that you are looking for?..etc.

good luck ...




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28 Mar 2017 10:42 by Gwenny Star rating. 39 forum posts Send private message

it just depends on which way the wind is blowing first thing in the morning, also Murcia is THE place for pork so no matter where you buy you will be reasonably near a pig farm. I've not smelt it much over the years Ive had my apartment. 

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15 Apr 2017 01:03 by fab Star rating. 57 forum posts Send private message

I lived on HDA for 12 months and I can tell you the flies are terrible. You cannot sunbath at all as you just get covered in them and they are really annoying. You certainly cant have a bbq.  You definitely need fly screens at all of your windows and even then they find their way in somehow. We bought on Condado and yes, there are flies, but not on the scale at HDA.  Also there is a much nicer community and shops etc on CDA . I loved the villa at HDA but just couldnt put up wih the flies im afraid. So Condado for me all the way - Hope that helps :-)

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29 Apr 2017 19:23 by Brookeshields Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

We want to visit both condado and hacienda alamo, and la torre. And if we have more time , Maybe others as well.

are,these flies issue very normal in midland spain? And smells? 

We are young family, whats the age group of people living in these resorts? We read most are retired?

are there mix of nationalities and good facilities? 




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