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08 Mar 2017 16:08 by ailsat Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

I am in the process of trying to close a deal on a property in Callea Malaysia and was wondering about cost of living, taxes etc. I plan to retire but I believe until you are resident there is a non residents tax to pay. Any Info would be great.

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09 Mar 2017 00:24 by joss Star rating. 44 forum posts Send private message

Yes you are correct if you are a non resident then you pay tax.  It is basically a tax that you pay each year for owning a property in Spain.  

I don't know the figure yet for my property on Hacienda as my tax return is not due. What I can tell you is that I own another property similar in cost to el Oasis apartments and off the top of my head the tax is roughly 100 euros per year, might be a little less but seriously it is not a huge tax. My lawyer writes my tax return yearly.  If you ask your lawyer to do this for you when you complete  they will email you when it's due, complete the return and ensure it is paid from your account. Mine costs 70 euros for the tax return Inc IVA, your lawyer might be cheaper.  I have friends that complete their own but I'm not that good,ha!


When you become resident you will not pay this.  



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14 Mar 2017 13:57 by ailsat Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

do you know a rough idea of what the running costs would be if in permanent residence. Electricity etc.


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