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18 Mar 2015 12:01 by citygate Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

Hi, if you are reading this you proberbly saw me at the AGM or have read the minutes of that meeting. 

I do not intend to hide from anyone, my username as can be seen is "citygate" my name is John Jolliffe and I am an owner on the suites, apmt 305. (It is so easy for people to hide behind there username and say all sorts of things.)

My reason for opening this forum is simple. In the future or very near future, we hope, there will be some very intrusive works to our compex and in some cases individuals homes and apartments. To those people particularly to share their situation and experience may help. Not only that, just simple communication like "the wheels on my patio door are sticking, has anyone else experienced it and what did you do?" Just to simply share information etc.  

Youv'e got the jist.

There is another Duquesa Suites forum that was setup immeadiatly after this one was published. It is everones right to use which ever they wish but please note this forum on Eye On Spain is totally indipendant of the Suites (thats why it was created) and therefore no owner including myself and no other individual associated with the suites can interfere, we are free to say what we wish but as this web site says we must be constructive and not be abusive etc.You will see while browsing this site that the other forum has on several occassions tried to hijack this forum. As you can also see I have asked the individual to unmask themselves, they have refused, I can only sumize that it is in the control of an individual with their own agenda, we've had that before, it was not a benifit to any of us.

It was requested by a number of owners at the AGM for the minutes to show the address of this forum. In the mean time can you do me and yourselves a favour and inform all the owners that you know of its availability and pass it on we can start to use it and reap the benifits.

Enough of that. I hope that you find this forum very useful and that you use it wise and well. It can and will be a great asset to us all I am sure.

Yours John Jolliffe

PS. If the wheels on your patio doors are giving you trouble, I have replaced mine already. Its dead easy!

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16 Aug 2015 13:51 by MLennard Star rating. 4 forum posts Send private message

New Owners Forum that is solely for owners of Duquesa Suites is now live (this is to be managed by Mark Lennard who will be an Administrator and is an owner on the complex, who also originally started up the first Forum when the development was built). To register go to duquesasuites.info ( thats duquesasuites dot info )

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12 Jun 2017 22:56 by citygate Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

This Eye on Spain forum seems to be working well. Lets start using it.

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