speed trap on rm23 near condado

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17 Nov 2010 12:00 AM by georgeh Star rating in condado de alhama sp.... 1462 forum posts Send private message

 When you leave condado towards murcia watch for an unmarked police car with lights flashing looking like a broken down car at the first junction after you leave condado. the speed limit is 100 kph - not 120 kph as many think-and the car has a speed camera on the bonnet. you get stopped by the guardia at the roundabout under the rm2.  seen a few being pulled over recently so be warned.







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17 Nov 2010 11:05 PM by bigdavescotsman3 Star rating. 4 forum posts Send private message

 also driving around is a new shape opel astra dark blue with 2 window sun shade things on the rear window also has a small blue light at the bottom left of the rear window, this has the speed camera set up inside on the dash. 

have seen this a few times between mazarron town and the port sitting at the petrol station near n'aura and there'll be guardia civil at both roundabouts.

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18 Nov 2010 12:22 PM by CDA services Star rating in Condado de Alhama. 22 forum posts Send private message

This section of the motorway has a speed trap on it at least one day every week.

It is never wise to go over 100 km per hour on this section at any time of the day.

Put your cruise control on here always is my advice.

CDA Services.


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