Marble and Cilit Bang do not mix.

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05 Sep 2010 00:00 by Mike B Star rating in Los Montesinos, Spai.... 209 forum posts Send private message

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Don't use Cilit Bang or any acid cleaner on your marble floors or walls; it will etch into the marble and it will have to be ground down.

A few useful tips to ensure the longevity of your marble floors.  


·         We advise the minimum amount of maintenance on marble and granite surfaces. It should not be necessary to do much more than wipe over with a clean damp cloth or mop using warm water. A mild cleaning solution such as stone soap or any other floor cleaner that says marmol or terrazzo can be added to the water. Use a flat dry ‘push mop’ daily to keep down dust and grit that will harm your floor. You can buy a spray that goes directly on to your flat mop that helps maintain the shine. There are several makes but I find Mopas or Mop sec the best.

·         Try not to wear your outside shoes indoors; soft bottom slippers are best, but take care, slippers and socks can be slippery.

·          Under no circumstances should any abrasive or acidic type products ever be used. In addition care must be taken in using cleaning products on adjacent areas. (i.e. glass doors, metal frames, sinks and baths etc)


·         In the event that a potentially harmful liquid is spilt on the surface (i.e. acid, cider, some wines & juices) it is imperative that this is wiped up immediately before it has had a chance to burn the surface. If this is not done, ring marks or splash marks will occur and that area may have to be re-honed. 


·         For stubborn stains a poultice can be applied (bleach or peroxide) on polished or honed surfaces and left for 12-24 hours, but must be tested on an area out of view first. If this has not produced the desired affect you can re apply. The removal of stains on marble is very much hit and miss, depending on the cause of the stain and depth.  



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