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15 Aug 2010 00:00 by MARIGOLD Star rating. 4 forum posts Send private message

 After four years of waiting we love our new apartment and the gardens.  Heaven?  Well almost.  

Day One - Three young men arrive in a black 4x4 complete with towels and pool noodles (coloured floats)  though quite why three strapping lads would need floats escapes me.  They marched through the flower beds and stripped off by the pool.  Suspicious I asked where they came from and got a load of bluster.  When I threatened to call security they quickly dressed and ran away.  I last saw them going at high speed out of the back gate of Roda.


Day Two - two young boys swimming in the pool having deposited bikes, bags and belongings around the pool.  I asked them where they came from and they told me they were from Phase One!  One of them told me cheerily that his dad was coming back for him (Thank goodness for that).  I was tempted to ask if Dad made a habit of depositing them in other people's back yards but thought that question would be better answered by Dad.  And he did come back later - much later, in his car equipped with sun lounger cushions, mother and a picnic!.  I was fully expecting the furniture to arrive at any moment.  Is it me or what, but the phrase brass neck springs to mind.  I did not envisage having the pool outside my door being monopolised by people from other phases.  Never mind when Phase Four is fully occupied perhaps we can arrange away days in our cars and with bikes and assorted junk and go and camp on his doorstep.

Today Mr Phase 1 and his family are back complete with the kitchen sink and have now been joined by a male and female in a pick up truck who are clearly not from Roda. 

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15 Aug 2010 22:18 by Paulb Star rating in Murcia. 74 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Marigold,

Sorry to hear of your situation, however, you are not alone. This type of invasion is being experienced by most of the phases. In phase II, they have taken the action of issuing wrist bands to identify genuine owners/renters this year to see if is a success.

Your problem at the moment is that with the phase being so new, you probably don't have a community created yet who can decide on similar actions. I suggest you contact Housing Communidades who will probably be the administrators, they are usually appointed by Roda. They can be contacted on 0034 902107361

If you contact the security at either of the control gates they should be able to help you out also. They may put you in touch with Juanjo, who is the "controler" for the entidad (community in general of Roda Golf) and he may offer further advice.


Best regards,



_______________________ (0034) 616708451  

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16 Aug 2010 13:24 by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1412 forum posts Send private message

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see the Entidad Presidents newsletter on the information tab on the Entidad website at

User name and password available from

For information on contacting security to deal with trespassers etc.


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16 Aug 2010 17:51 by lanric Star rating. 49 forum posts Send private message

Just back from Roda and Bands appear to be working on phase two with most people wearing them and if not having to explain to a chap who kept appearing why they didnt have them even saw one family pack up and go when he challenged them probably headed for phase 4.

Its not the perfect arnswer but in our two weeks we didnt have the problems we did last year with groups of people appearing

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17 Aug 2010 08:28 by bunty Star rating in Belfast. 93 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Marigold

To back Hughman's good advice all you need to do is ring security on 0034 968173698 and let them challenge people not you. Community pools are for residents only and the advice I got from our President on Phase 3 and the Community President is that Roda's internal road are public roads. However the pools are not and security will challenge people who should not be there and move them on.


Mike and Margaret

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17 Aug 2010 16:05 by Pommers Star rating in Almoradi, Spain. 605 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Marigold - It is highly unlikely these people are from Phase 1, more likely day trippers from San Javier. My advice is to call security and get them removed.

Cheers Pommers

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