We don't know where to start with our problems regarding Trampolin Hills can anyone answer any of our questions

Spanish Legal Reclaims
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12 Nov 2009 00:00 by daznik Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Hi there

My names Darren , my wife and i purchased 2 villas on phase one of the TH development. campos- del- rio. Our villas were front line phase one and we purchased them 2004/2005.............paying 50% up front. Some of the capital was raised by borrowing against our other villa in La-marina which we owned out right. We had started proceedings with a solictor against TH in 2008 when it was clear to us that nothing had been started and that they had problems in getting correct planning permission. Obviously we were never made aware that they didn't have all the correct planning allready in place or we never would of bought. They have been dragging their feet  ever since and obviously now  have gone in to liquidation.(brankruptcy).

The bank which we used (cam bank) are saying we would have never been issued with  a bank guarantee because eventhough spanish law says buying off plan requires one .........we borrowed against our other house so didn't have to be issued one. They also said that some bank guarantee's that were given out by 3rd party agents were infact fraudulant fake's.

So where do we stand because we are back here in the UK ......trying to comminicate with the different parties and to get any truthfull honest answers or advice is very difficult.

Are the spanish goverment likely to step in to help because it is unfolding as a huge fraud investigation?

Will the local council (town hall) that have withheld planning knowing that people were being sold properties that were illegal builds etc etc......can they not be held responsible for many people parting with their life savings knowing they were never going to get them? Where is the justice.

We would love some advice and any information that anyone can give us...........

A deverstated Brit



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28 Nov 2009 16:20 by zxcvbnm Star rating. 69 forum posts Send private message

I have contacted the courts directly and am NOT using a solicitor. I have all the info you need to send your application to the courts. The deadline is 2nd desember. Please send me an email as my private messaging facilty is not activated yet. My email is acenname@gmail.com

I am also starting a group to put pressure on the authorities so that our properties can hopefully be built.

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29 Nov 2009 08:59 by zxcvbnm Star rating. 69 forum posts Send private message

Buyers for the Building of Trampolin Hills is now created. Please see:
All comments welcome!

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