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29 Jul 2009 00:00 by MAGICMEG Star rating in Scotland. 546 forum posts Send private message

I would like to remind everyone of the petition that Suzanne is organising it is still worth while signing up  .I know many just like to moan about their situation and take no action and that  there are some who think it is a waste of time .Even if it just counts heads so that the powers that be get a real handle on the scale of this ,then it is not a waste of time .Only a fraction of those involved are listed .Lets all join up and show them just how many are raging mad  about this situation  .               Cheers MM


  Nothing surprises me anymore  

     but I am willing to accept that sometimes (although not very often ) I can be  wrong !

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30 Jul 2009 00:37 by blaggy Star rating in Doncaster. 112 forum posts Send private message

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Just signed the petition. My MEP member european parliment just happens to live in the same village. You learn something new every day Thanks MAGIC MEG for the info

Paul & Debbie Row 15 No 32

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31 Jul 2009 10:13 by Recardo Star rating. 103 forum posts Send private message

I have also just signed the petition I hope someone will read it and realise why I am so angree with the system and the way we are ignored.

Administration has lasted over a year and as far as I know Spains shuts down for August, so keep waiting.

My Malve shout have bee completed in may with a 3 month extention to August. It is now AUGUST, San Jose is in breach of my contract.  This contract and safety line was in place so I should be getting my deposit back any day now.

Also used a Spanish solisitor to be safe, and as far as I know I also have a valid (maybe) Bank Guarantee.  If SJ has no funds the bank will pay me (maybe) so thats a second saftey line.  MY DEPOSIT is safe as houses then (maybe).

I stated on my petition that the Spanish government should force the Builders, developers, and Banks to repay everyone involved in off plan developements with or without guarantees.  We did it their way so as a last resort they should pick up the tab if they want any sort of confidence from foreign investors in the future.

Hoping we all get back our deposits.



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