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02 Jul 2009 00:00 by clivesbyes Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

 Hi All 

Received this through the post yesterday, its from a company called "Global" I thought it may be of interest to you !!

26 June 2009


As a creditor of San Jose Inversiones you may be interested in an innovative service we can offer to save your investment and allow you to transfer your deposit in full to an alternative Spanish development.

Global Property Resolutions Ltd (“GPR") have been working with several real estate and investment companies over the last 6-8 months and have already assisted several hundred people affected by the administration of the developer of their property.

The purchasers that we are currently working with recognize, despite best efforts over the last 18 months, that San Jose will find it practically impossible to raise the millions of Euros necessary to complete their projects. This continues to be exacerbated by the economic climate, the reduction of the company's asset values and the ongoing problems caused by the significant number of court cases against them.

Your biggest concern, therefore, must be the total loss of your deposit. Although GPR cannot envisage a satisfactory outcome through legal channels, we believe that we can make your deposit work through negotiating with other developers to recognize the deposit paid to San Jose.

Because of our exceptional knowledge and negotiations all properties offered by GPR are completed units which have current valuations and pre-approved mortgages. This means you can be confident any property you transfer to will offer value for money in today's depressed market. Key Readv properties offer an income generating investment on completion, with the discounts creating instant equity for a long term strategy.

We have a broad range of properties available and whilst we cannot guarantee that we can find a solution for everybody we can guarantee that we will only charge on a successful transfer of contract and property completion.


page 2

To explain in more detail how you can benefit from these opportunities we are holding a series of events over the next 2 weeks throughout the country. The most relevant location to you is:

London - Kingston upon Thames on 16t6 July at 7.OOpm.

Second Floor

Eve House Adams Walk Eden Street

Kingston Upon Thames KT I 1 DF

Registration for this event will commence at 6.30pm.

Please note admittance will only be given to registered clients.

During these events we will explain the costs involved in swapping your contracts, the risks and benefits and share with you the possibilities available. We will also showcase other developments that have been offered to clients in a similar situation and how we have helped them move on from their previous investment.

What have you got to lose?

Come along and hear how we can help you!

To reserve your place at this event, please fill in and return the attached form. We look forward to meeting with you.

Yours sincerely

The Global Property Resolutions Team   

Good stuff !! but no good for me my solictor is engaged in extracting me from the contract, but a very topical subject




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02 Jul 2009 20:07 by alantracey Star rating. 156 forum posts Send private message


I also got this letter two days ago, and another one today.  The one today has a telephone number on it (I noted at the time that the first one didn't). If I get the time tomorrow I may give them a ring, as the one thing I am interested in knowing is who gave them our details? I am a little curios to attend this, if only to ask uncomfortable and probing questions.


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02 Jul 2009 21:35 by clivesbyes Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

  Hi Tracey


I had the same thoughts; I can’t see any point in attending I am virtually out of the contract and have no wish to go through this again. There are thousands of “Off Plan Buyers” who are in the same boat as us, and no doubt there are companies trying to make money out of it. There was an add in the Costa Blanca News the other week for a Azucena at Playa Golf for €105,000 the asking price just 18 months ago would have been €220,000 !!!      I have a place in Spain and in my view it’s going to take a long time before we see those sort of prices again, if ever. We will modernize the one we have and just use it for extended holidays.


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12 Jul 2009 11:01 by cargic Star rating in Horsham Sussex, Buen.... 23 forum posts Send private message

cargic´s avatar

 Hi All

I found this article on the "CNN" website. Its not anything we don't know but worth a read.



 Regards Clive

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12 Jul 2009 19:30 by alantracey Star rating. 156 forum posts Send private message

Apparently Global Properties are getting our details from the administrators / court list which is available in the public domain.  Why does the vision of vultures spring to my mind?


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12 Jul 2009 20:34 by FriendinNeed Star rating. 789 forum posts Send private message

Be warned.

This message was last edited by FriendinNeed on 13/07/2009.

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14 Jul 2009 21:17 by HAWKINGS111 Star rating in Las Filipinas. Spain.... 290 forum posts Send private message

HAWKINGS111´s avatar

Hi all.

I have not posted on this site for a long time as some of you regulars would know but i have noticed a posting by SPONSORED.

I thought business advertising was not allowed on this site.

Has something changed or have i got the wrong end of the stick??????



      Now  Retired and have our money back in FULL via our bank guarantee.    Bob and Pauline.

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13 Aug 2009 19:55 by TonyMal Star rating in Oxfordshire. 1090 forum posts Send private message

Hi All,

I recieved one of their letters yesterday and what concerned me was that it had the EOS logo on it. I have emailed EOS to let them know that their logo is being used.

I read the letter very carefully and it is a lovely crafted document that infers things. I particularly liked the small print disclaimer that basically said that they would not stand by what they had written! Tried 'phoning & just an answer phone, which made me feel that it could be an unmanned office.

Checked out their website & not impressed by them wanting £1000 before they "help" or that the property list was very poor and had no links!

It seems a little odd to me and just a way to make money out of purchasers misery and fear. I am scanning the document & sending it to my barrister in Spain to see if the court are happy with this type of crass behaviour.

Anyway wait a few more days, we'll have the report out & it might help cheer people up.

All the best

Tony R17 18

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26 Sep 2009 14:22 by sue44 Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

After doing some digging, Be warned and be very aware...Global Property Resolutions ARE IAP Global, they are chargeing 3,000 euros, for their advice and help on a situation they got us into in the first place.

I have it from a good source they have negotiated 7 per cent comission from the developer if you flp to  their property!!!!!!!

Talk about GREEDY. Stay away, you can source an alternative product yourself very easily, we did, all developers in spain are willing to negotiate.


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