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15 Jul 2009 00:00 by MAGICMEG Star rating in Scotland. 546 forum posts Send private message


  Nothing surprises me anymore  

     but I am willing to accept that sometimes (although not very often ) I can be  wrong !

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15 Jul 2009 17:28 by jillyg Star rating in Deepcut, Surrey. 57 forum posts Send private message

Hi MM,

Opened the link and it was in Spanish!! Mind you a couple of names i recognsided!! Are you able to translate some of it to give me an idea what it is about?

Keep posting on here as i totally agree with what you say, and yes, you have been right all along.

Just booked a holiday to Spain as you and Friendinneed says it is not the fault of the majority of people that live there. Its the crooks that flleeced us of our money, which was our future.

Take care



G S Gee

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15 Jul 2009 20:31 by FriendinNeed Star rating. 789 forum posts Send private message

This may help give you and indication

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15 Jul 2009 22:09 by far Star rating in Dundrum, Co. Down. 169 forum posts Send private message

Hi JillyG


If you put the link in to google first, you will then be able to get the translation.



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18 Jul 2009 00:35 by blaggy Star rating in Doncaster. 112 forum posts Send private message

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Half directive dome of the Group San Jose passed yesterday by Palace justice Orihuela to declare the complaint that a group of investors society presented against them by organisational offences and scam within two subsidiaries of the Builder.
First in the morning the employer Molins José Rodríguez Murcia, together with other societies Inversol and Imperium, executives were cited before the owner of the number two court to give testimony in open summary to clarify the irregularities that a group of shareholders attributed them, from tumultuosas assemblies that both companies made in August of last year.
The first to declare and explain was own José Rodríguez Murcia, which output recounted his testimony. The constructor veteran, owner of the company that is now in full contest of creditors, denied the facts that accuse you those shareholders and attributed the concealment of accounts, alleged fraud and organisational offences.
The employer rejected such statements and attributed the criminal complaint submitted by the criminal 'to the investors that the economic crisis want to know what happens with your money's own nervousness'.
RODRIGUEZ said that the managers of both companies have not performed never 'accounting manipulation or devices' in the accounts and came to consider when the doors of judicial headquarters that the complaint has such a basis as first motivation, the crisis jaleó shareholders meetings.
Also the constructor strongly rejected existed mood of defraud or deceive anyone and reached defined itself as someone 'whom his mother not parió to defraud anyone'.
Rodriguez Murcia said 'at all times been given to give explanations', like yesterday before the judge, and that the dome of the parent company has proposed the path and look forward to undertake "all the challenges that ahead your group', well in the array or some of its subsidiaries, and even the Orihuela football team.
José Rodríguez not attended only the Court because it also had to declare his brother, the PP Antonio Rodríguez Murcia, Councillor who recounted that its presence in the boards of Directors as the Imperium was almost 'testimonial, due to their chores as municipal responsible'. 'Yes I said the edil its presence in this Board of Directors was wanting to help the sports club' and refused, along with the rest of querellados, the existence of company scams.
Between the Declaration of one and another brother occurred of than refused his explanation on the facts, but that in the car appears as 'left his post not being in accordance with the management... and camuflaba accounting data by the President statement' Imperium, Francisco José Rodríguez, CFO.
More locuacidad showed one of the lawyers of the querellados, Emilio Fernández. Counsel stated that managers offered to the judge relevant explanations on the corporate operation and introduced a nuance to the fact accusations tackled in a Court of criminal, they belong to the scope of the mercantile legislation. Fernandez said that customers have tried to explain the confusion between the submission of the General accounts of society, which rises to the trade register and abstracts carried shareholders meetings

Paul & Debbie Row 15 No 32

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