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07 Mar 2009 00:00 by morgan7567 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

I havnt been out since January, Any news on the progress being made on the golf course or the Foro and likewise any accurate information been given for completion dates of either????????????????? Please let me know if the completion dates are realistic???????

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07 Mar 2009 14:27 by Kev1 Star rating in Condado De Alhama. 826 forum posts Send private message

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Suggest you browse through recent threads as quite a few updates have been posted recently

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07 Mar 2009 14:36 by georgeh Star rating in condado de alhama sp.... 1462 forum posts Send private message

foro early summer

golf course pics can be seen .go to community on ornage bar .

october compl.greens already looking good







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07 Mar 2009 20:15 by raff Star rating in Belfast. 143 forum posts Send private message

Morgan I was out late November 2008 and have been following events on this forum, however it apears to me that delays are the norm (I think the first course was to be open June/july-ish now put back Oct to Nov-ish & the town, Foro, was coming along nicely but may not be progressing as radiply as before).  This of course I think is par for any new development and too much cannot be read into it or inferences drawn.

The Condado forum has been excellent in highlighting important isssues particularly in relation to community fees and community/ general assembly meetings that have been held and the concerns of residents.  Other issues such as car hire, lighting, measurements and general concerns are raised and answers fowarded.

Of course in these economic times everyones fears are highlighted, Polaris could do more to negate these fears by being more open, more approachable and more understanding.

Hope this helps.


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09 Mar 2009 15:52 by terryandjill Star rating in Condado de Alhama Lo.... 118 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Guys

Living here, we have not seen a slow down in the Foro or the golf course. The foro is being installed with plumbing and electrics so there appears less activity they are also running on the outside stucco, I think, overall the resort is moving forward at a fast pace and I am really glad in these times that we bought with Polaris.. it could be alot worse.

Hope this helps

Terry and Jill

Full time residents at Condado        ...

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