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05 Mar 2009 00:00 by Kev1 Star rating in Condado De Alhama. 826 forum posts Send private message

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Thought I'd mention for anyone who may have missed it that apparently the deadline for payment of Income Tax has been moved to end of June rather than end of December. Not sure how this affects people as this will be the first year I pay it but our fiscal representative has informed us of the change so I thought I'd pass it on.

Wealth Tax has been abolished for 2009.

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05 Mar 2009 12:26 by ajw Star rating in Aberdeen. 1088 forum posts Send private message

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Is it compulsory to do quarterly returns?  I would prefer to do an annual return as the fees to the accountant to do the returns are more than the tax due!!


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09 Mar 2009 16:04 by terryandjill Star rating in Condado de Alhama Lo.... 118 forum posts Send private message

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Hi, we met with our accountant and was told every quarter was what we had to do, also any work we do we are supposed to collect EVA and that is a separate tax, anyone working and not collecting could be stung with an extra 16% taxation.. ALOT of keeping up with to prevent overpaying also, I now realise why everyone was given an NIE number.. We are from the states and it is a lot different here, I think will take a lot of getting used to guess once you have the system down though.... our accountant charges 50 Euros a month but we were told he was fair and good, recommended by help center in Murcia.


Full time residents at Condado        ...

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