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Poetry content is the work and copyright of Michael Walsh. It is hoped that those who find my poetry to their taste will purchase the online anthology of nearly 100 poems, Diamonds Last Forever.

International Tributes
11 December 2012

Some comments expressed by the same writer convey thoughts on individual poems.  
“Your words come from within the heart; your pen is a conduit of Divine Inspiration. And this is true talent, because we feel this in our hearts, touching to your creation. Thank you.” - Larisa Pavele, University Lecturer in Laser Technology. Tula, Russia.
“You're a Genius. You are an inexhaustible source of wisdom, intelligence, analysis, synthesis, inspiration to all mankind. I do not know a single person who can be indifferent to the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky (for example). I am absolutely sure that your poems and all your works is deeply touched by the heart and soul of every person.” – Nasteka Savchenko.
“You genius, your poetry go far beyond what is considered to be an art. Baroque chiaroscuro glow on our faces...whispering lute is softly singing our souls..."
“You are a master! Paldies!” – Ilsa Dickson, Australia.
“Speechless again. Very touching and beautiful.” – Nanette Ebli. The Netherlands.
“Exquisite: God bless those eyes that inspire these verses.” – Svetlana Deon; internationally acclaimed ballet icon and celebrated poet; especially in Russia.
"Your words come from within the heart; your pen is a conduit of Divine Inspiration ... And this is a true talent, because we feel this in our hearts, touching to your creation ... Thank you."
"Wow!! Great poem and you it's author Michael. How wonderful. But time IS now. It's all we have. So we mustn't destroy the sacredness and mystery of life, but live every moment with a deep love and passion and reverence for all that is." - Dace Ezergailis, Australia.
 “This gift you have, as say in Russia, from God. It's awesome!” - Larisa Pavele, Russia.
“You are really the last romantic in Europe: your poems are so lovely. You have created the world of your own, inhabited by your romantic dreams, fantasies, characters, imaginations, rhythms and melodies in accordance with the laws of Beauty. I should say: a rather closed world, But it’s a pleasure for me to be in touch with it a little bit.” - Irina, Volgograd.
“Your poem Homage to the Female Tummy is remarkable.  You have a symphony method of thinking. Your poems could be compared with the symphonies Mahler, Bruckner, Skryabin, Schostakovich and other composers. Scriabin, and not only he sought to combine in his works all kinds of art and color music. Your art opens up new horizons of knowledge of the world and outer space, how can a man comprehend. You went beyond the narrow confines of the symphony. Your poem is not only a new genre of creativity and art, it is the embodiment of real life, everything that surrounds a person, all that you can feel, see, hear, know, and feel the aromas and much more.
“It is important that your art is close to the heart and soul of any man. Your poems can touch the strings of the soul of any man and put a deep trace in soul, my heart and memory for a lifetime.” -  Always your obedient servant, Nadia.
“With these words you surely delight your loved one.” - Yara Becke. Brazil.
“You certainly have a way with words.” – Edite Lynch. Australia.
 “...after your poem, it was breathtaking ....but also I had tears, I felt fever touched so deep my heart till my soul was so beautiful.” - Ina Čaklā, Latvia.
I can't to find again right words but I can to say big thank you that you saw me in this poem ...and yes , I saw myself there. Your poems are divine and your letters for me.’ - Ina Čaklā, Latvia.
 “Read and re read this, each time taking in the different nuances. It is so very passionate and intense. I literally 'lived' this as I took it all in!! It’s alive and electric. Bravo Michael, you do not stop astounding me with your words.....thank you.” - Sophia Antoniades. Johannesburg. South Africa. (Heart Lips Soliloquy) .
“Truly, the spark of Divine genius resides in YOU! In the past, my letter, I would like you not only compare with Mozart, but also with many brilliant writers, poets, composers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, actors, scientists. You are a great person! You are a space! Your intellect is infinite as the universe! It is a great honour for me to communicate with you. I feel I am an insignificant grain of sand in front You!” - Nastenka Savchenko. Ukraine. Teacher of Literature and Classical Music.
 “I doubt if there is anything in English literature that surpasses the quality of your verse. In fact, I would say your Cattle in the Lea is incomparable.” – Tom Roberts; classical literature scholar. Wrexham. North Wales.
 “I read your poem. It is amazing! This poem touched me to the depths of my soul! It cannot be read quickly, there are too many deep philosophical meaning. It is close in meaning to the Bible! I want to read it again and again, to see this living picture of this landscape, hear the cries of the child, feel the air, and to comprehend the meaning; WHEN THE CIRCLE MEETS. For me, it will be an infinite thinking. Your poem is infinitely profound in meaning, feelings and experiences.” - Nastenka Savchenko. Ukraine. Teacher of Literature and Classical Music.
“Thank you Michael! Your poem is so beautiful...I appreciate very very much your art. I really like it. It touches me always I am reading it.” - Margriet Buchberger, International Soprano, Munich. Germany.
“Oh dearest Michael. How I wish you saw my face lighting up with smile and love reading your Poem. It was like hundreds ants running through my blood vessels ... no that is not how I feel.... like bubbles of just swallowed champagne, they are tickling the tongue and nose from inside and within minutes skin feels like velvet and small sparkles of electricity are heard in my ears.”
– Inga Barisa; Latvia. Secretary to Mayor of Riga. Government Advisor on EU Affairs.
 “It isn't just your sensational poetry; it is you reading it that is so mesmerizing.” - Deanna Spingola. Republic Broadcasting Organization. U.S.
 “One word: ‘beautiful.” - Ruslanas Irzikevicius, Editor, Lithuania Tribune Media Group.
Footsteps on the Heart: “This is a great work of art, completely stunning. I'm at loss. I have no words to convey the full range of my feelings and my awe endless awe of you, genius.” - Nastenka Savchenko.
Scores of poetry testimonials include those of Ken Dodd, Bernard Cooper (Guild of Master Craftsmen); Archbishop of Liverpool, Rt. Hon. John Prescott, MP, various publishers and editors. Robert Burns (founder of Irish theme pubs); Willy Russell, playwright: (Shirley Valentine, Blood Brothers). He has appeared on radio and television.


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It was Christmas Eve in the Casa
08 December 2012

It was Christmas Eve in the Casa
It was Christmas Eve in the casa,
On that heavenly Spanish hill;
And high in the star-filled dome above,
Was mirrored an earth so still.
It slept through the tinsel clamour,
For it cared not when nor why,
That men will fight among themselves,
Yet never reason why.
The chapel bells were tolling,
Bells talked from vale to vale;
High up in my hillside casa,
I felt that God prevailed.
A melody of eventide,
Each tower sang its song;
In Andalucía hillsides,
I dreamed where I belonged.
In vales below those twinkle lights,
A bed of stars it seemed;
I felt as one with God above,
I dreamed, then more I dreamed.
Let others do their worship,
At altars of their choice;
But let me be where I would be,
Where God is given voice.
Where chapel bells are singing;
Where hills are filled with hope;
From eventide, dream by my side –
My love heart filled with hope.
Michael Walsh December 2011 ©
It was Christmas Eve in the Casa was inspired by the Mijas Pueblo home I then lived in. It is an Andalucía white village 550m situated above Fuengirola, the Mediterranean and Gibraltar Straits. The scenery is Andalucía at its most beautiful; they come from all over the world to experience its sunsets. I hope the poem conveys some of the beauty, which I never took for granted. Michael.

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Burn or Banquet
06 December 2012

When Fingers Touch
Touch my heart with fingers slow,
If your own be filled with woe,
Before the dawn when darkest be,
Then draw your dreams and hopes from me.
When darkness and the winds that chill,
Invade your thoughts and roam at will,
Then stroke my heart with fingers slow,
To feel their warmth within you flow.
Touch my heart with fingers slow,
It’s then that hopes between us flow,
For I shall share my dreams with you,
When fingers touch they’re part of you.
Burn or Banquet
Burn or banquet, what shall be,
When my soul shall body flee;
Should I recycle, or be a feast,
For hungry little forest beast?
It seems to me a trifle wrong,
To disappoint the insect throng,
For I have lived and lived quite well,
On meat that grocers, butchers’ sell.
Deprive them of their dinner grand
When mortal form is fiery brand?
We’ll cheat the hungry oven flame,
That all God’s creatures live again.
If earth folk with their plates held high,
To feast from those who live then die,
Then we live on, immortal be,
Our bodies used and spirits free.
Michael (Walsh) 05.12.12 ©

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It's Life!
05 December 2012

Bistro Thoughts
The heart desires what the eye cannot see,
And I search for the love-light in you;
I can see your sweet face; I can ache for your grace,
But I can’t see your heart, is it true?
When your hand rests on mine, your smile so divine,
Is a kiss that is blown to my heart?
The distance weighs heavy between us, Yvette,
Yet I fell when we both were apart.
So I think of you often; you know that I do,
Your images light up my being,
I gaze at your likeness, it breathes on my soul,
And my eyes and my heart are both seeing.
They see love’s desire, it sets thoughts afire,
Your throat, your provocative breasts;
And your mind’s eye can see the sweet longing in me,
For evenings when nakedness rests.
It’s Life
If vanity should ever strike,
If pride be torn asunder;
Should you wish for every flaw
Exposed with every blunder:
If you desire each dream and goal,
Be met by mock and eyes that roll,
And if your feet be brought to earth,
Your judgements bring both scorn and mirth;
Or wish your bravest deeds undone –
Then spend some time with wife or son.
Michael Walsh ©
Bistro Thoughts was inspired by a Latvian lady friend. Preferring life’s simple pleasures nothing appealed more than the pleasure of each others company. Its Life I suppose symbolises the difference between friends and family. Children are rarely impressed by their parents achievements; It’s Life.

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