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Poetry content is the work and copyright of Michael Walsh. It is hoped that those who find my poetry to their taste will purchase the online anthology of nearly 100 poems, Diamonds Last Forever.

05 May 2014 @ 19:55

Haunted by Those Final Words


Haunted by those final words, regrets I never said,
What good my words of sadness for my loved one who is dead?
When hasty words of anger are impassioned, God forbid,
Are hurtful words held captive underneath the coffin lid?

There’s not a lot to say to those who passed this way ahead.
Can I atone and wish harsh words were better left unsaid?
I dreamt that hearts had spoken, before it was too late,
But now what words of comfort when you’ve heard the knock of Fate?


My words of sweet repentance are in truth now said for self,
Strange the words of penitence bequeathed to me as wealth,
Sad I wish my sorrow could be heard and understood,
And peaceful you were sleeping ‘neath your little door of wood.


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