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A family moves from the UK to Galicia

It's all about the family. And the sea, and the wine, and the food.... A family moving to start a new chapter, and a Spanish family reunited after many years apart. We are planning towards a move to Galica, to live with my wife's parents and aunts/uncles and to give ourselves a new life away from exorbitant UK property prices and council tax.... This blog is about our research and planning, and then about the move, and then about our new life as ex-pats/new residents.

Scilly Civil Servants and government processes!!
11 January 2017 @ 19:46


From a previous post:


- residency/citizenship/foreigner etc - related to the above, then below : one major fail has been wife and kids registering.  My wife had a spanish passport until she was a teenager, and recalls choosing 'No I do not reject my spanish citizenship' on a UK passport form sometime later.  So she was able to 'register' at the local town police department, and was then instructed to go to the city police/DNI office where they said 'no you have lost citizenship rights, you will need to renew or be foreigner resident but need proof of income, private medical insurance'.

There was also this other aspect about needing a letter from me saying I give permission for my children to live there with my wife.  Then the city police DNI said this would need to be with me in person, or witnessed by a spanish solicotor.

Since then, further advice from the UK spanish embassy (who took months to respond) has pointed my wife to the Registro Civil office instead to follow up on her citizenship and she may have a way through via them.



So on arrival in spain for my 4 week period over the xmas and new year break, we aimed to try to progress things.  so we went as a mass party of 5 to the foreigners DNI type office in Coruna - My wife, Me, Two kids, and the Grandad Abuelo.  We believed we had all we needed, based on what we had been told.  You have to take a ticket on arrival and wait on a first-come-first-served basis and there is a fixed number of tickets/time to be available to see people then they cut it off each morning!! 

So we waited for about 40 mins, not too bad as I had cbbc iplayer items downloaded for the kids!  But once we got to talk to the desk person, she said actually they couldn't accept the birth certificates for the children as they were in English and need to be "officially translated".  They said we could do that at the local Justico/justice palace type place, but that we wouldn't fit back in to see them again IF we could even get the translation done very quickly there.  BUT they said they were willing to take a photo copy of my passport with a statement signed by me that I authorise the kids to stay in spain with their mother and maternal grandfather.  At least one step done it seems.

turns out that the translation can't be done at the Justico, who told us that it has to be done by an English authority like an embassy or consolut.  So we explore that but then after a few more weeks find out THAT isn't correct either, and if fact there is a list online (ask me if you need the link) of 'authorised translaters' (globally - IE by country/city) and there was one local here to us.  For just 20 euros per document page.

So we have that translation done and will go back tommorrow to see where/how far that gets us.


The wife also progressed her nationality somewhat, with some paperwork/photo copies sent off 'to madrid - the fiscalier' and waiting to see what is next (complicated/delayed by the xmas period).   

Her brother was able do it eventually after 4 years in spain - but we're not sure when he started the process and how many false turns he was given!!


so ho humm bloody annoying.


Meanwhile after the previous kids hospital visit for concussion - we wanted to get her seen for a different more longer term issue with her heart.  friends and contacts advised to just go to urgenxias /A&E and push it that way, but we felt a bit intimidated by trying that.  So we spoke to someone else go said we could have a pediatric appt, which we did - but then SHE said she was unable to book some of the analytica / tests because the system requires a DNI/health type number to be able to make appts.  EHIC not covering it.   So we could have an EKG/ECG and a pediatric follow up but no blood tests or specialst/consultant appointment.   Unless we went via A&E.  

So THEN we were referred to the Hospital Social credit/care type contact who said NO NO THAT:S WRONG, that the doctor can order everything needed but needs to do it more via old school paper not on the computer system, so she will advise the doc and try to help.

It seems we are inbetween:

- not covered at all (IE not accepted refugee or on-the-run criminals perhaps : adults)

- EHIC limited A&E cover

- refugee cover (for 6 months/two years or something?)

- guarneteed cover for children.   (but somehow in conflict with the EHIC limits)

- registered residencia (spanish mum/dependant kids, or just kids on their own perhaps under care of spanish registered abuelo)

- registered foreign national (IE If I were registered here and working in spain)


grrrrr arghhh1!!!!


Anyone help?


What about pay -in scheme?













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Cablecar said:
14 January 2017 @ 15:13

I think the information you have been given about only accessing treatment through A&E is incorrect. My interpretation is that you and your family should be able to access the same health treatment as the local population. I used to be an Overseas Visitor Manager for the NHS. I know Spain tried it on as it does not want to fund people they classify as ' foreign '

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