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A family moves from the UK to Galicia

It's all about the family. And the sea, and the wine, and the food.... A family moving to start a new chapter, and a Spanish family reunited after many years apart. We are planning towards a move to Galica, to live with my wife's parents and aunts/uncles and to give ourselves a new life away from exorbitant UK property prices and council tax.... This blog is about our research and planning, and then about the move, and then about our new life as ex-pats/new residents.

Oh, another quick update FYI : Progress following the 14th Nov post
13 January 2016 @ 23:46

Oh, just to offer a piece of good news progress.

14th November I offered a blog post about our current debt, and the intention to go freelance/contracting.


Well hurrah - fate/universe did provide and a month after that I did start at a new workplace, having set my own limited company up and sealed the deal on a contract at over £500pd yay!  I'm working very near where I have been for the last 3 years, so the London commute is still relatively ok : just a long train ride in from Sussex, but no tube.

I've been there for 4 weeks now, so already billed and received payment for some (which shows the company in profit already, what a great type of business to run!!) and by this point today, I have now earnt roughly enough to guarentee the family income for the next two months at least.

The contract is a 6 month, to mid June which could be perfect.

If all goes well, the plan would be:

- keep same family budget/income through all this year per month

- the above includes having £7k saved to cover not working through July and August, starting back in Sept

- save £5k towards the moving out/moving in costs

- possibly making a start in paying off the debts.

I also have a potential offer of a loan from a sibling to help towards clearing the debt (against family estate/will in the future)


Continuing to work from Sept onwards for a period of time eg 6, 9 or 12 months further should then:

- Allow to continue a circa £3k a month family budget : for Spain life and for UK/Spain split life and travel for me

- Clearing debt within hopefully a few months

- Saving to be able to invest in the home and land in Galicia : getting Pigs, cultivating the land, fixing up and improving the family home, maybe then in the future investing in building our own Yurt type ecohome.

- Affording trips back to see family, participate in things, come back for festivals.


fingers crossed.  It's a big ask for it to all go smoothly



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marcbernard said:
14 January 2016 @ 12:40

I don't think 7GBP will offer much cover for living through July and August!! Do you mean 7000?

foresternige said:
14 January 2016 @ 13:02

Lol thanks Marcbernard - yes I meant to say £7k, updated the post now!

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