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A family moves from the UK to Galicia

It's all about the family. And the sea, and the wine, and the food.... A family moving to start a new chapter, and a Spanish family reunited after many years apart. We are planning towards a move to Galica, to live with my wife's parents and aunts/uncles and to give ourselves a new life away from exorbitant UK property prices and council tax.... This blog is about our research and planning, and then about the move, and then about our new life as ex-pats/new residents.

we're coming...... booked and ready... well, booked
13 January 2016 @ 23:37

1st of July 2016.  We are coming/going/leaving/arriving.


We booked our ferries last night so it's real and really happening.  On the 1st of July: one self-drive van (see below, advice/tips needed), one normal family car with roofbox, two adults, two children, two cats, and three gerbils - with a temporary travelling teenager : will all be getting the ferry at portsmouth to move their lives to Galicia.  24 hours, then a 6 hour drive from Santander to near La Coruna/A Coruna and we'll arrive at the family home to get a nights sleep, then awake to unpack and start our new life.

The complex logistics start slightly beforehand with finishing work (a freelance/contract role by mid/end june), packing our things, hiring a van, filling the van.

Then the continue after we arrive.  we'll keep the van for 10 days, then I -solo- will travel back to Santander, back on the ferry (on my own on my 3xth birthday! 11th July), back to portsmouth and home.  Then drop the hire van back.  Then have a day to relax in the UK, then on the 13th fly back from LHR to La Coruna/A Coruna.

This should be the start of an x weeks holiday/settling into the house and land prep - although in the heat of July/Aug hopefully not too much.

Then sometime in August (flights not booked yet) I will return, sell or freecycle our remaining things, put some into storage, and clean/handback our rented house.  Help our teenager (by then, 20) move into a houseshare probaly in Brighton, start back at work in london (new or extended previous contract), and then start a period of weekend travelling to/from Galicia.   [already looking at booking the flights now : around 150 gbp return Fri 5pm / Sunday 3pm.


wow.  so it's real.


Advice particularly needed with regard to Self Drive van hire.  I am NOT taking a Luton which I think is the root of the problems I've read about to do with laden weight and Spanish police pulling and fining UK Drivers.  I am assuming a LWB transit, although may reconsider to a SWB.

We're not taking a whitegoods although quite some stock of books etc which of course are heavy.  and some plants.  But hopefully should be under 3,500kg  (european breakdown cover max: LWB are 3300 KG unladen I think).

Any advice, horror stories or reassurance anyone?


Next planning update to come soon.






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lindsbd53 said:
17 January 2016 @ 08:52

Have you looked into doing a one way hire with the van. It would save you the hastle of having to take the van all the way back to the UK. My husband and I twice a year do the trip from Santander/bilbao to Adra on the south coast of spain and are now starting to look into the logistics of moving to our place permanently. We re at the 'list' stage but are seriously looking into the one way hire companies.

nicechap said:
17 January 2016 @ 10:43

Any advise you get from other Brits take with a pinch of salt find all information for your self and dont trust any Goverment Dept or Banks apart from that enjoy your new life its a wonderful country to live in I hope you will be as happy as we are we have been here 13 years

foresternige said:
17 January 2016 @ 23:15

Hi there Lindsbd53 - Thanks for chipping in. I did look at self drive, but non of them seem to offer depots/drop off points anywhere near where we're going - Galica / La Coruna etc. They mostly seem to be south like where you mentioned and Murcia etc.

It's not too much of a problem, it means I'll get a night to myself on the ferry to have a swim, watch a film, have a few beers and some karoke!

foresternige said:
17 January 2016 @ 23:25

One thing I am worried about is this : weight limits and motorway stops/fines.

Although we won't be moving any whitegoods, or sofas etc more just some shelfing and lots of boxes of books and craft/sewing stuff. (books of course are very weighty).

Please advise if you have looked into this, or heard any stories. The info on that website is a few years old, so I wondered if less of an issue these days.

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