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Water4Gas IS worth it.

This is a brief document on a vehicle water-fuel conversion system relating to the apparent non advancement of fuel efficiency by car makers.

The Great Ocean Conveyor.
20 October 2008 @ 14:45

Firstly what is the connection between The Great Ocean Conveyor and a water to gas fuel conversion system for cars which improves mpg, reduces carbon gas emissions, thereby helping the environment by reducing global warming? Puzzled, read on.
Question: what is "The Great Ocean Conveyor"? Is it a conveyor system in a food distribution centre, or perhaps a fish, or evem a ships name, or what?
It is none of the above, as some of you in the know will be aware of, the Great Ocean Conveyor is however planet Earth's most important component.
The Conveyor is simply a current of water which flows through the oceans of the world in a continuous flow and may take a 1000 years to complete its cycle. The current when heading south through the Atlantic is cold and runs deep continuing through the southern oceans just north of Antartica and south of Australia before heading northward through the Pacific. As it continues to the northern parts of the Pacific the current warms up and rises to nearer the surface it then turns southwards and heads west past Indonesia, through the Indian Ocean to round the Cape and head back up the Atlantic. When it reaches east of Greenland, and already cooling, the Conveyor meets the melting ice cap waters, it is these cold waters which keep the Conveyor operating. If there is no ice cap because of global warming, and the ice cap is now fast disappearing, then there will be no cold water to form the lower circulating channel southwards of the Conveyor.
The consequences of a breakdown of the Conveyor are horrendous, the worst case scenario would be another ICE AGE which could happen within 2-3years of the Conveyor malfunctioning. A lesser harrowing scenario would be a "little ice age" lasting perhaps a couple of centuries which would lead to extremely harsh winters, draught, desertification and crop failure.
A simple geographical comparism of the latitude of Alaska and the permafrost locked regions of northern Canada and central Siberia show them to be similar to most of Europe and Scandinavia, yet Europe's climate is more similar to that of North America (whose eastern seaboard would be seriously affected too). Why so? Simple, the Gulf Stream which is a part of the Conveyor and which brings that warmer climate to Scandinavia and Europe, would not exist and thus we would be consigned to those other much, much colder climatic conditions.
Do not imagine that these flows can be altered by man as the statistics are stupendous. With a flow rate of only 10cm per second there is a moving mass of water equivalent to 100 Amazon rivers, with an average 30million cu ft of water entering the system every second. If this flow is upset the results will be felt within as short a period as 2-3years.
When you consider the minute limitations of man's control over nature you realize that it is nature that is in charge of planet Earth and quite simply we have to comply with nature and not the other way around.
Our carbon gas emissions from factories and motors cannot be sustained and for our existence MUST be reduced, yet what do we do? We go out and cut down the very forests that can absorb 25% of all carbon dioxide produced and which has a profound effect on global warming.
As individuals we can cast our votes for politicians to hopefully change their policies to be more eco-friendly – do not hold your breath there; or we can take positive action ourselves with our cars and not emit as much as 3.5 tons of CO2 per individual car per annum by installing a water to gas fuel conversion system which dramatically reduces carbon gas emissions thus reducing global warming and helping to save the environment. 

For further information on the Water4gas fuel conversion system please visit:-

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