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Water4Gas IS worth it.

This is a brief document on a vehicle water-fuel conversion system relating to the apparent non advancement of fuel efficiency by car makers.

G8 - "Gas Emissions By Another Name!!!!"
06 July 2008 @ 14:02

Next week starting on Monday 7th. July until Wednesday the 9th. the annual junket of the G8 countries meet in Japan to discuss among other items “global warming” mainly caused by increasing carbon gas emissions from industry, power stations and transport. These discussions on climate change have been ongoing annually since the Kyoto talks in 1997 and we, the general public, should be asking ourselves what results have been forthcoming over the years since they began; especially so since for this years meeting the security costs alone will be £141.8 million sterling (€113 million) (source Reuters 03/07/08) compared to last years £89.5 million when the junket was held in Germany. How sensible do we think it is to spend in only 2 years the sum of £231.3 million on security alone, plus of course you have to add the expenses for flying delegates from approx. 180 countries to Japan, plus also all the accommodation costs etc. etc. The total cost to us taxpayers for the 2 years must be in excess of £500 million, and for what result?
The research group ECOFYS stated in a study done for the environmental group WWF and Allianz that the USA, Canada and Russia had “failed the test” in climate performance to reduce emissions. The USA had failed the tests in 11 out of 12 categories and the 3 countries had all received “red ratings” and were at the bottom of the table which showed that ALL the G8 countries had failed to match their words with deeds. Italy and Japan also received “red ratings” with the comment that “there are few national measures in place to cut emissions”. The 3 countries of the G8 at the top of the scorecard were Britain, France and Germany but were only awarded “yellow ratings” which meant overall that none of the G8 countries were awarded the “green” rating, it’s only fair to state that Britain and France did receive praise for getting their emissions below the Kyoto target figures.
So after 11 years of emitting verbal gas at these G8 meetings where are we, what achievements have there been? What will be achieved this year?  It’s reckoned not much as the good old US of A has never signed the original Kyoto agreement, the oilman/cowboy President in charge at present is most unlikely to alter his stance and offend his friends in this his last year of presidency which means we have to wait for next years meeting to find out if the U.S., now questionably the second largest polluter in the world behind China (who incidently are not in the G8), has a change of policy.
We, the general public, can show these mindless, unthinking, environmentally unfriendly so called politicians (interesting isn’t it that according to a politician is described as “a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favour or retaining power than about maintaining principles” says it all doesn’t it, couldn’t have put it better myself.) How do we show them? Simple, very, very simple. Fit a Water4gas fuel conversion system to your car/vehicle. It cuts down to a minimum exhaust carbon gas emissions, it helps to maintain a cleaner environment, is a healthy solution to prolonged engine life, can vastly increase your m.p.g. while reducing the cost per litre/gallon by at least 30-60%, simple innit – cut carbon gas emissions, save the environment and save money at the same time.
We’re not politicians but we can see the sense in that – why can’t they?
If you are interested in learning more about the water-fuel conversion system for cars and all other vehicles plus reducing carbon gas emissions and safeguarding the environment for the future please visit our website at:-
R.Bill Williams

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