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Water4Gas IS worth it.

This is a brief document on a vehicle water-fuel conversion system relating to the apparent non advancement of fuel efficiency by car makers.

Water4Gas IS worth it.
20 June 2008 @ 19:40

Whether you are trying to save money on a water-fuel conversion or thinking
about helping the environment with cleaner gas emissions from your vehicle
your Water4Gas fuel conversion will do both. However the benefits don't end
there; by converting your vehicle to run with a water additive ( the water is
a supplement to the petrol/diesel fuel of the car), you are actually cleaning
the engine out and in doing so enabling your car to run smoother.
  The car has now been a part of our lives for over 100 years, with solid
tyres giving way to pressurised ones, motorised wipers replacing hand held
sliding ones, heaters radios and CDs now standard for entertainment, sat nav
and speed-radar detectors as options and safety features such as safety belts
and airbags are standard. Car makers say they are forever looking for more
lightweight materials to install, bodystyling to reduce airdrag in fact any
method they can to modernise and improve new cars which they can sell in their
 Car makers are not so keen to keep us informed about some of the "extras"
that are under the bodyshell of the car. By law every vehicle should have a
catalyctic converter fitted.
Firstly, what is a catalyctic convertor, a "cat" is designed to burn or
reduce the carbon gas emissions and unburned fuel in the exhaust system. In
other words it is a clear admission of poor engine design. When you couple it
with the deficiences of the E.M.S. ( engine management system), a
computerised fuel control system which is programmed to PREVENT any permanent
improved m.p.g.and is partially controlled by a sensor fitted in front of the
catalyctic convertor that can adjust the air-to-fuel ratio. See what I mean.
In a nutshell while all technology has advanced during the last 100 years the
car makers have succeeded in keeping the m.p.g.of cars to a level that they
are happy with as it is in their industries's interest to keep the oil
flowing to the refineries and on to the petrol station and finally the
 Today we have sky high fuel prices, global warming partly caused by carbon
gas emissions from cars which is a big danger to the environment. Each of
these problems can be overcome with a Water4Gas fuel conversion system which
will lower gas emissions resulting in a cleaner air environment and,smoother
engine running, helping to reduce global warming and increase your cars m.p.g.
and save you loads of money!
Its available here NOW.
For full information and data on the Water4Gas fuel conversion system please

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