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Stinkeys outlook

My first ever BLOG with a view to making friends and learning new stuff ?

Stinkeys been absent ?
17 March 2018

Hello's been ages since my last post (December 2015?). I'm not a prolific blogger obviously ? 

Since the last post..we've had trials and tribulations as you do ? My poor health meant lack of ability to physically achieve big jobs done on our small stone house in Spain..but Andy our builder has managed to do some amazing things within our limited budget..and we cannot praise/thank him enough..he's actually saved us money by convincing /pointing out stuff we (well her ladyships ) wanted to do and suggesting alternative ways ?wink

We did manage to get out to Spain a few times in 2016..but it was never long enough for me ? My heart condition was getting worse..and in October 2016 I was told I needed to see the specialist ..he basically told me if I didn't have the OP I had about one year to live ?frown

but I knew this was most likely less because I'd seen a rapid detiriation ,I got a phone call within a few days,but I had to cancel it because my mother had been poorly in hospital and passed away suddenly..10th November..if you've ever had to deal with the paperwork etc of losing a loved one..I can assure it's even more of a pain while your feeling poorly yourself ..thankfully I'm levelheaded and calm..and being the eldest sibling the others left it to meangel..bless em !

Mum had kept so many bills and receipts since the 70s ( why ??) which brang back memories along with all the photos?

only my sisters gave me hassle over some of her small amounts of jewlery..and bless Mum she'd even managed to leave us all a small amount of money each..which surprised my brothers and sistersyes

so on the 13th January (Friday ) I had my heart OP..not something I'd want to do again or recommend ? It's been a SLOW recovery process and the team never tell you enough information /details regarding the process ? But hey ho..

we actually managed to visit out there in Oct 2017. And the difference the weather made to my mobility was staggering to be honest? But unfortunately my wife was poorly for the first 4 days..which kind of put a damper on things ? We did manage to inspect Andys work.Whatsapp is marvellous but nothing better than seeing stuff in real life..

we decided seeing as I've been given a new lease of life,we'd put the house on the market..which we did just after the election 2017 ?  And it's now March 2018.. And we're still living in hope ?



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