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Stinkeys outlook

My first ever BLOG with a view to making friends and learning new stuff ?

Stinkeys on his way ?
19 December 2015 @ 14:46

Hi guys,well we've purchased our renovation hours drive north of Alicante ? We will be totally off grid..slightly off track but only about half a mile from the not far for provisions son is now on board and raring to get down here to help us..hopefully we can start work in March?..and to think we only came out for a much needed holiday in September ? And now own a potential holiday home for all the family to use once finished ? And I'm sure some will be out to help with the work just to get some sunshine while grafting we stock up on beers..

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Stinkey said:
01 February 2016 @ 11:14

Well we've booked the ferry for the 4 April exited..a nice leisurely drive down through France into Spain Valencia bound...a week to finalise the bank account,get the keys ? Try to remember where we left the house ? Sort out if we can afford a builder to do some things I cannot ?
Find some reclamation yards..we like old stuff..goes with my look ?
Take lots of measurements and argue with her ladyship about where SHE is having new doorways fitted ( it won't take you long ? )
And the placement of sinks/toilet/bath/shower etc,etc..PHEW !
Oh and new walls/floor/staircase ? Who's idea was this house again ?

Stinkey said:
19 November 2016 @ 10:56

Well I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post on here ? So much has happened in that time..much of it was/is good..but since we arrived home from Spain in September (2016) it's been a constant stream of events and DISASTERs darling...the good thing ( well great actually ) is we found a fantastic local English builder (ANDY ) who was recommend by our estate agent (Christina ) both charming honest people ( who'd a thought that ?)
So when we have some spare money,generally from selling something we no longer require ..we send it over to Andy and he spends it..he.he..but with the amazing joys of whatsap we get to see just exactly what he spent it on ? OOH !
Between Andy and myself we managed to (gang up ) convince the wife we didn't need a hallway and 3 doors in the bathroom ?
After all it's a place for US and not a hotel for occasional visitors ?
So far Andy has built some walls downstairs in the under build and fitted some windows and sliding doors..laid a concrete floor..removed the old roof tiles ,fitted some insulation type of corrugated felting ? And reused our old roof tiles..also built some inner walls in the bathroom and dug holes ready for the sewage be continued ..

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