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Stinkeys outlook

My first ever BLOG with a view to making friends and learning new stuff ?

Stinkeys very first BLOG ?
10 October 2015 @ 18:22

Hi guys n gals ( pets too ? )

just thought I'd pop on here in the cyber world to introduce myself ? But iv just literally picked up my new glasses from boots opticians..and woo ! The iPad looks curved ? Had my eye test last week,told me I have early stages of cataracts..nobody told me about that one when I joined the human race ? It's great getting old..but I'm enjoying the adventure and hopefully we get to join you lot ( expats ) out in Spain soon ?..hopefully get a chance to ride out on our bike/ trike with other bikers ?

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GB45 said:
11 October 2015 @ 10:24

Old age is certainly not for cissies ( I think Bette Davies said that) but what's the alternative? Enjoy what you can, when you can, that's my motto! Good luck.

Stinkey said:
11 October 2015 @ 10:59

Cissies..who said that ? I'm all for living life hence buying a small( very ) renovation project which was the last thing I wanted seeing as I'm not in great health..roll on the Spanish sunshine ..we're both looking forward to giving it a go which is the good thing..Maria doesn't mind DIY..she tends to do the high stuff up ladders while I sit on the bottom rung nowadays ..thankfully not much of that on this project ( il regret saying that ?) my son and son in law..are in the building trade and I'm sure the promise of free holidays will lure them into our web of things to do ?
In fact knowing my son he will try to take over has project manager..My Ex calls him The Guvnor..

We've made an offer on the house ( shed )..waiting to hear,but it's fiesta time so we're in no hurry..ooh I'm such a liar..we are both gagging to load up the car /van with tools etc to get started..sod Xmas I'd rather be mixing some muck and rendering walls..And thanks GB45 for my first comment/reply

RiojaRosie said:
15 October 2015 @ 18:23

STINKY! I love your blog. Get 'her indoors' to get loading your life up, and get yourselves over here in the sunshine, you'll both feel so much better. Whereabouts is your 'shed' in the Med ?

Rioja Rosie.
Blog is : Fuelled by Rioja. xx

Stinkey said:
15 October 2015 @ 18:56

Hehe.thanks Rosie ..well the good news is our offer has been accepted on our MedShed..which is an hours drive north of Alicante..I'm not saying where exactly just yet..don't want to get GAZUMPED ! there's a term you don't hear much nowadays ?
So we have to sort out NIE numbers/bank account etc now..where are you Rosie ?

Stinkey said:
15 October 2015 @ 19:12

And just to say a buddy of mine is moving down to the Malaga area at the end of this month..another hot rodder/triker on his way..iv been helping him to pack..I might sneak into the back of removal van ?

Stinkey said:
17 October 2015 @ 10:10

My buddy text me ( nobody rings anymore ?) yesterday to say of the buyers in the chain has pulled out ( on the day of signing ) EEK !
So leaving him with a house full of bagged n tagged boxes,garage full of trike parts,3 cats waiting for new owners,removal company on it's way,a car in Alicante waiting to be collected,empty apartment in Spain ,ferry booked..oh poo.poo !

Stinkey said:
23 October 2015 @ 01:26

Well we've finally sorted out a lawyer and they have contacted the estate the ball is going back adventure hopefully ?

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