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Live News From Spain As It Happens

Keep up to date with all the latest news from Spain as it happens. The blog will be updated constantly throughout the day bringing you all the latest stories as they break.

The Smurf makeover dividing a Spanish village
31 October 2011

I suspect that most people are now familiar with the village of Juzcar in Spain which was painted in blue as part of the promotion of the new Smurfs film.

This video by the BBC takes a look at it and also the fact that perhaps some residents prefer the village to return to its original colour.

Watch the BBC video

And you can also see some great images of the village here.

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Spain's town hall meltdown
31 October 2011

Very interesting article today from The Independent on the frightening financial state of the town halls in Spain.

One was so desperate that they even bet the town hall's finances on the lottery...and they lost!

It's worth a read

Spain's town hall meltdown

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Spanish jobless rate leaps to 15-year high
29 October 2011

Spain's jobless rate soared to a 15-year high of 21.52 percent in the third quarter of 2011, data showed on Friday, a stinging blow for the government just three weeks ahead of elections.

The towering unemployment rate, up from 20.89 percent in the previous quarter, is the highest since the end of 1996 and the highest among major industrialised nations.

Among 16-24 year olds, the rate was a staggering 45.8 percent, barely down from 46.1 percent three months earlier.

The overall unemployment queue grew to 4.978 million people at the end of September from 4.834 million at the end of June, National Statistics Institute figures showed.


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Spain and Portugal: 'the worst will be next year. Then it will really hit'
17 October 2011

Jon Henley is travelling through Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece to hear the human stories behind the European debt crisis. On the sunny Iberian peninsula there is a feeling that as bad as things are, they're not yet as awful as they will become...

The the story at

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Spain tries to lure buyers back into housing market
14 October 2011

Another good article from the BBC with a video covering the Spanish government's continued roadshow trying to lure buyers back to Spain:

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S&P downgrades Spain on weak growth outlook
14 October 2011

Oh dear, as if Spain wasn't in enough trouble already, this surely is not going to help the situation.

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