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Literally anything about Ryanair.

Warning. Ryanair's cutting its free check-in window from 1 Nov
19 October 2016 @ 08:27

With Ryanair, the golden rule is to ALWAYS check in online and print or download your boarding pass – if you don't, you could have to cough up £45 per person, per flight. Yet Ryanair's just changed its T&Cs so for flights departing from 1 Nov, you'll only be able to check in for free up to four days in advance (it's currently up to seven days). 

The people this hits are those that would check-in between four and seven days in advance, particularly those going away for a week who want to sort it all before they go. If that's you, consider using the app (see below for info). 

Ryanair passengers can choose between paying for a seat – it's typically between £8 and £15 per person – or not paying and being randomly allocated seating.

  • If you pay for a seat, you can check in for free up to 30 days before flying. This isn't changing.
  • If you don't pay for a seat, you can currently check in for free between two hours and seven days before departure. However for anyone checking in from Tue 1 Nov, this is changing to between two hours and four days before departure. See the Ryanair cuts free check-in window MSE News story for more info.
  • Read more HERE 


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