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Literally anything about Ryanair.

Workers from Ryanair announce a 4 day strike at Alicante airport starting this Friday,
11 April 2017

The 230 workers of Ryanair and Lesma have called for four days of 24-hour strike from next Friday on the premises

The Company Committee estimates the amount owed to each part-time worker (60% of the total workforce) by more than 1,000 euros.

The four days of strike of 24 hours will start at 00.01 hours of Friday 14 and will continue until the 23.59 hours of Monday 17 of April

Source: Elmundo

More info at

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Ryanair announce new routes for Winter 2017
08 March 2017

Ryanair announce new routes for Winter 2017

Ryanair’s UK winter 2017 – all the way through to March 2018 – schedule includes:

  • 2 new Aberdeen routes to Alicante & Malaga (2 weekly)
  • 2 new Leeds Bradford routes to Murcia (2 weekly)

Ryanair customers can book their summer or winter 2017 holidays on even lower fares as Ryanair passes on lower fuel costs.


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Warning. Ryanair's cutting its free check-in window from 1 Nov
19 October 2016

With Ryanair, the golden rule is to ALWAYS check in online and print or download your boarding pass – if you don't, you could have to cough up £45 per person, per flight. Yet Ryanair's just changed its T&Cs so for flights departing from 1 Nov, you'll only be able to check in for free up to four days in advance (it's currently up to seven days). 

The people this hits are those that would check-in between four and seven days in advance, particularly those going away for a week who want to sort it all before they go. If that's you, consider using the app (see below for info). 

Ryanair passengers can choose between paying for a seat – it's typically between £8 and £15 per person – or not paying and being randomly allocated seating.

  • If you pay for a seat, you can check in for free up to 30 days before flying. This isn't changing.
  • If you don't pay for a seat, you can currently check in for free between two hours and seven days before departure. However for anyone checking in from Tue 1 Nov, this is changing to between two hours and four days before departure. See the Ryanair cuts free check-in window MSE News story for more info.
  • Read more HERE 


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14-15 Sep: Air Traffic Control Strike - France
14 September 2016

From Ryanair.

We regret to advise customers that due to an air traffic control strike in France at 18.00 BST on 14th  September, to 05:00 BST on Friday 16th September. We have been forced to cancel the flights listed below.

Customers will be updated on their flight status via email and/or the mobile phone number provided at time of booking. You may also monitor your flight status online: click here

Unfortunately, further flight delays and cancellations are likely and customers are asked to please monitor this notice which will be updated throughout the day. 

We sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by these unjustified ATC disruptions which are entirely outside of our control.

List of cancelled flights: 

Wednesday 14th September

Thursday 15th September

What are my options?


If your flight is cancelled we offer you two options to choose from:


1.    Apply for a refund

If you wish to cancel your reservation and claim a full refund of the unused flight(s) click on the link below and enter your booking details.

Click Here to Apply for Refund

Refunds will be processed within 7 working days back to the form of payment used for the original booking.


2.    Change your Cancelled Flight (for free)

The easiest way to change your cancelled flight for free (subject to seat availability) is by retrieving your booking online.

Click Here To Change Flight

If you require rerouting options, departing / arriving from another airport served by Ryanair or changing an unaffected return flight, please contact one of our advisors using our Free Online Chat or calling one of our customer service Contacts Numbers


We understand that flight cancellations may cause distress and we will accommodate your option of choice wherever possible, while complying with EU Regulation 261/2004.

Source: Ryanair 


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ATC strike France 26/1/2016
25 January 2016

ATC strike France 26/1/2016



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Ryanair website closed 19-20 June
19 June 2015

The Ryanair website and app will be closed for 10 hours from 19:00hrs (BST) on Friday 19th June to 05:00hrs (BST) on Saturday 20th June 2015 for a systems upgrade.

Ryanair strongly recommends that customers travelling on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th of June 2015, ensure that they have checked in online and printed their boarding passes by Thursday 18th of June 2015.

Source: Ryanair

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Two Ryanair planes collide on Dublin Airport runway
07 October 2014

Passengers watch in horror as two Ryanair planes collide on Dublin Airport runway - leaving one with top of its wing ripped off.

 A Ryanair jet had the top of its wing torn off today after it collided with another of the company's jets while they were both taxiing to the runway.

The Boeing 737s heading to Edinburgh and Brussels ran into eachother in the darkness at Dublin Airport early this morning.

Passengers watched in horror and managed to take photos of the aftermath, and revealed how the tip of one plane's wing was missing. It was left lodged in the rear wing of the plane it crashed into. 

Read more & see photographs >>>>> DailyMail

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New Ryanair app signals the end of paper boarding passes
14 July 2014

The airline today launched a new app allowing passengers to book and check in using only their smartphones. 

Ryanair continued its customer-first charm offensive today with the launch of an app that could spell the end of the paper boarding pass. 

Got a smartphone?

As of today, you can book, check-in for and board Ryanair flights without paper boarding passes.

This morning, the airline  launched a new app for iPhone and Android, which enables customers to browse, book, check in and board the airline using their phones.

Don't have a smartphone?

Then you're back to paper. You need to either check-in online and print your own boarding pass (as has been the case), or face a hefty €15 fee for a reprint at the airport.

The app, which has actually been available available since last Friday, allows customers to:

Log in with their 'My Ryanair' profile
Search Ryanair's 1,600 routes
Make quicker flight bookings
Choose and book allocated seats
Manage bookings and add baggages
Check in and download mobile boarding passes
View live flight information
Although the airline says the app allows passengers to book hotels and car hire, our tests found it actually redirects customers to and on smartphone web browsers.

The app is available in English, Italian and Spanish.

Source:  Independant 

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Ryanair to woo families with new product launched today
17 June 2014

Ryanair has announced a new product, Family Extra, which includes a range of discounts for parents travelling with children.

It includes half-price allocated seating for kids, a 50% reduction on children's baggage fees, discounted priority boarding and half-price travel insurance for youngsters.

The airline has also reduced its infant fees to £20 and parents will be given a free5kg  infant bag allowance. They will also be able to take two pieces of baby equipment, such as buggies, car seats and travel cots, in the hold without charge.

There will also be bottle warming and baby changing facilities onboard for the first time.

Parents who book a seat for an infant will be able to bring an airline-approved car seat onboard too.

For families who fly frequently with Ryanair, there is a new Fly & Save bonus of 20%off every third family flight.

Family Extra is now available to book online at

The new launch of the new family-friendly product follows Ryanair's decision to introduce allocated seating earlier this year to ensure parents aren't separated from their children.

The airline has also relaxed its carry-on bag policy to allow passengers to take a second, small item of hand luggage, but this has been criticised as space restrictions in overhead luggage bins mean that in practice only the first 90 passengers to board are guaranteed to have space to stow their items.

Ryanair has also been criticised for changes to its online check in window from two weeks to just seven days, so passengers travelling on a two-week holiday can't print out boarding passes for their return flight before they leave home.

New boarding passes and a Ryanair app will be introduced in July.

Source: TravelMole

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Ryanair’s new Murcia flights
17 January 2014

WHILE CORVERA airport still remains a ghost project, San Javier continues to attract new flights with the latest being from the 'low cost' airline Ryanair, who have announced the opening of new routes from Murcia to Eindhoven and Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura to Manchester for the next summer season. 

On March 30th, the airline will inaugurate daily flights between Barcelona and Manchester and between Gran Canaria and the English city, with two weekly departures. On April 1st, Fuerteventura starts flights to Manchester and one day later, they will start twice-weekly flights between Murcia and Eindhoven. 

Ryanair also expand the frequency of some of its flights from Girona Airport to Eindhoven and from airports in Ibiza, Lanzarote, Malaga and Tenerife South to Manchester. "To celebrate our new routes, Ryanair has launched a special bid for seats in the new routes announced from 27.99 euros flying from March to May 2014," said head of marketing and sales for Spain, Luis Fernández-Mellado. In recent months, Ryanair has made some improvements in customer relations and offerings including the ability to take onboard a second small handbag and offering lower prices for reprint your boarding pass at the airport at 15 euros. 

Meanwhile all industry eyes are watching the latest venture from Google and their latest ‘top-secret’ geared towards researching prices for airline routes online. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said, “Ryanair will be partnering with Google on a new travel price comparison service that will include ticket prices.”

Source: RTN

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