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Literally anything about Ryanair.

Ryanair to woo families with new product launched today
17 June 2014 @ 13:11

Ryanair has announced a new product, Family Extra, which includes a range of discounts for parents travelling with children.

It includes half-price allocated seating for kids, a 50% reduction on children's baggage fees, discounted priority boarding and half-price travel insurance for youngsters.

The airline has also reduced its infant fees to £20 and parents will be given a free5kg  infant bag allowance. They will also be able to take two pieces of baby equipment, such as buggies, car seats and travel cots, in the hold without charge.

There will also be bottle warming and baby changing facilities onboard for the first time.

Parents who book a seat for an infant will be able to bring an airline-approved car seat onboard too.

For families who fly frequently with Ryanair, there is a new Fly & Save bonus of 20%off every third family flight.

Family Extra is now available to book online at

The new launch of the new family-friendly product follows Ryanair's decision to introduce allocated seating earlier this year to ensure parents aren't separated from their children.

The airline has also relaxed its carry-on bag policy to allow passengers to take a second, small item of hand luggage, but this has been criticised as space restrictions in overhead luggage bins mean that in practice only the first 90 passengers to board are guaranteed to have space to stow their items.

Ryanair has also been criticised for changes to its online check in window from two weeks to just seven days, so passengers travelling on a two-week holiday can't print out boarding passes for their return flight before they leave home.

New boarding passes and a Ryanair app will be introduced in July.

Source: TravelMole

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