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Literally anything about Ryanair.

Claiming compensation from Ryanair over 29th Sept crisis?????
05 October 2010

For Gilly from Bournemouth, who posted a comment tonight, & for others (I did post this before in CLICK HERE ) you should CHECK THIS regarding compensation from Ryanair. Maybe you can claim, I haven't gone through it myself.

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Resentment over the way Ryanair has handled coping with the Spanish Transport Strike on 29th September!
01 October 2010

As promised I'm adding posts from my other blog

Will others add to this new blog please. If nothing else it shows your disapproval over Ryanair's part & gets things off your chest. I've heard similar stories here in Spain of people locally desperate to get home.

Emma said:
30 September 2010 @ 19:01

myself and friend, travelled back from Palma, Mallorca on the 29th Sep with Ryanair, with our sons, both 2yrs old. We had to leave our 2 suitcases at the side of the check in desk and pack as much (which was not alot) into our hand luggage. Ryanair did not offer any help at the airport to help us contact anyone to get our luggage sent back to the UK, oh they did offer for our flights to be transfered to the 5th Oct! which ment staying in the airport with 2 small children till then! not an option! Then we tried to fit as much clothing etc.. into a smaller case to take onto the plane. Whilst boarding Ryanair staff where checking that everyone only had one hand luggage per person and that it was the correct size, they where not allowing anyone to carry cameras, hand bags or anything seperatley from their hand luggage! Even though we had already had to leave our cases already!!! when we tried to board the plane with our small case, a member of the ryanair staff physically took this off us! I think it was awful the way ryanair handled the situation. Ryanair staff where advising us on the flight not to put luggage in the overhead compartments but by our feet, as they would have to leave luggage at Palma!?? Now ryanair will not compensate for left luggage, as they had informed us!! So that makes it ok to be on holiday with luggage you have taken over on a ryanair flight but then they inform you you cant take it back!!! How do they suppose that is a reasonable act!!! I'm very angry with the airline! and wont be flying with ryanair again! I understand there where alot of people in the same situation and the only offer of help was from other passengers, which we where very grateful for! but no help at all from Ryanair!!!

fox33 said:
30 September 2010 @ 17:21

Came back from Gran Canaria with Ryanair yesterday , like others have said, was told hand luggage only , had been phoning and checking ryanair website right upto when the taxi arrived to take us to the airport (3pm) On the Monday my wife and i had to go out and buy 2 hand luggage bags put what we could in them (10kg in each) and then as there was no change with the situation, we then left nearly all our clothes at the hotel. arrive at the airport at 3-30 in the afternoon and headed for the Ryanair ticket desk to get our boarding passes changed only to find it closed, found out they were at lunch, they finally opened at 4-15pm , went to the desk and the guy said our tickets were ok , when i queried this as it was now only hand luggage , his reply was that it had changed now, but they only found out 3hrs ago (yeah right) as i was on there website less then 2hrs previous i found this hard to believe , so we have now lost approx 20kg of clothes and personal things, the last 2 days had become very stressful , especially for my wife, which had spoiled in what was a very enjoyable holiday.

Graig Thomson said:
30 September 2010 @ 17:11

The site said free of charge but charged me just over £300 to get home four days early or risk staying another week.
Phoned Ryanair and was passed around for about 40 mins so now I'm in a dispute.
Great way to end a holiday.

Loraine said:
29 September 2010 @ 21:07

My niece and her friend with their two little children have arrived back from Spain minus their 3 cases they are devistated . They were told they could only get on with hand luggage or stay in Spain until the 3rd Oct which was not an option due to work commitments. They were told they had to make their own arrangements for hotels if they stayed. I hope Ryanair makes some arrangement for them to get their luggage back in the near future I think it is a disgrace how it was handled I am sure people would have carried their cases to the plane if asked.


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