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A description of life in the village of Pruna, nestled in the Andalusian mountains of Seville

Village life in the Andalusian mountains

Car Hire, Public Transport, or local taxi to get to Pruna/Olvera/Moron
21 August 2013

I have now travelled many times using either car hire, public transport, or a local taxi service.

Car hire is the most convenient, but at peak times is far too expensive, and if, like us, you only to use it to get your village and then back to the airport, the return with an empty tank of petrol policy vastly inflates the cost. Also if, like me, the thought of driving through Malaga or Seville terrifies you then you only have public transport or taxi as options,

The bus service from both Malaga and Seville to Moron, Pruna, and Olvera are regular, and at about 12 euros each way (add 3 euros per person each way from the airport to the bus station) a good option.

But if you factor in money spent on coffees and meals while hanging around then a local (but unofficial) taxi service really should be considered, especially if there are three or four of you, at which point it becomes cheaper than public transport.

There can be problems with taxis though, I have experienced being collected with a front passenger already on board, no problem, who am I to begrudge giving someone a lift, but I then had to spend the whole journey with this person grumbling that the lateness of my flight meant that would miss shopping at Iceland!

It was a rife day for gossip when it went the rounds that one of the local Brits offering a taxi service had been stopped by the traffic police because he had no insurance! The passengers on their way to the airport were held on the roadside for two hours alongside the driver.

So I thought to ask my builder, Rob, if he would collect and return us. The advantage being that he has both a modern van, and a nice car, so that on arrival he could take to Ikea to collect a pergola, and then use his nice car for the return., 80 euros each way (we gave him an extra 10 euros for the IKEA detour, which he was loath to accept)

Casual taxi driving is a nice little earner for the local brits, and I am pleased to have a safe, secure, and insured taxi service, so I use Rob and you can text him on 0034654772448 (text is best because he claims the phone always rings when he is up a ladder with tools! And remember that there can be a time lapse between sending texts from the UK and their being received in Spain)

And always ask around for other recommendations, checking the price, the insurance documents, and reliabilty (and for extra passengers :¬)

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