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A description of life in Pruna, a village in the Andalusian mountains

The delightful Spanish village of Pruna and all the facts and fancies you need to know so as to enjoy Pruna to the full

The best out of season swimming pools in the Olvera and Pruna area
05 June 2016 @ 13:30

The temperature is in the 30s centigrade, and the municipal pools are still not open. They only open for the school holidays, but your are desperate for a dip.

On the outskirts of Olvera, coming into Olvera from Almargen, is Pueblo Blanco Camping, and they have a good sized pool with sun beds, only 3 euros weekdays, lovely clean pool, friendly place. You pay at the reception which is in the building next to the pool. There is a very good cafe there.

If you fancy a swimming pool in the mountains then El Penon, on the road from Pruna to Algamitas is a delight. You will see the entrance, and huge roman style urn and noticboard on the left hand side as you drive towards Algamitas. You drive up the road/path until you get to reception, which is building at the entrance to El Penon, you pay there and leave your passport. Then you drive up to the pool itself. Stunning views, beautiful clean pool, nice cafe.

It is free and easy to swim in lake Zahara, On one end of the dam is an aquatic centre and cafe, you park there and walk past the kayacking centre and enter the water on an old slipway, so it is an easy entrance and exit. 

If you know of anywmore places please let me know, happy swimming to you all.




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Anne Stevens said:
23 August 2017 @ 02:41

I would love to go to live in Pruna. I could afford to buy a house there and not live with the worry of being alone here in Australia with no one to care about me. Sounds great for me.

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