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A description of life in the village of Pruna, nestled in the Andalusian mountains of Seville

Village life in the Andalusian mountains

Buses from Malaga to Olvera
04 May 2012

I just knew they were out there, rumours of buses, 2 a day, 4 a day from Malaga to Olvera, and then easy journey to Pruna , theories abounded, googles were done, websites found, bus companies emailed, but nothing, nada.

So I hit on the great idea of going to the Olvera estacion to find out the truth.

Entering the deserted bus station I found a timetable, proof of four  buse a day  Malaga to Olvera! And as Olvera is only a 10 minute drive you are able to ask neighbours for a lift, or take a taxi.

Now I need help with this, there are two bus companies, both from the central bus station? Is one better than the other (ie does one stop in every village on the way?)

Will update this blog entry with all new info I receive.

My next trip to Pruna will be by bus from the airport, I am determined to free myself from car hire 

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