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Living with the Presidente.

A tongue in cheek account of living with the Presidente, OR how to survive and extended 'family' of 183.

Handy with a saw?????????????'
21 September 2010

Somebody was ! !

El Presidente was called to look at the railings on the front of the building recently, so accompanied by Moi, we trotted off to do an inspection.

Apparently a bicycle had been chained to the railings ( against Comm Rules ! ) and some 'Community' minded person ( NOT ) decided to remove the bike. Of course, they did not unlock the chain..................NO..............they sawed through the railings to relieve the owner of his/her bike ! !

To get the chain off the rail they had to use brute force to part the railings and this seared all the struts which held the railing in the ground.

The detective set I'm going to buy El Presidente to find the 'paper nicker' will have to be utilised to find the railing sawer AND the gorilla who keeps breaking the main doors ! !

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Infected Palms.
18 September 2010

Sad day today cos El Presidente has had to have 5 of our glorious palms dug out.

And we cannot replace them for about 6 months to give the ground time to recover.

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48 burgers and over 100 sausages.......................
13 September 2010

El Presidente held a Community BBQ the other evening. Guess who did the cooking while he 'mingled'..................... was Moi !! I cooked 48 beef burgers and over 100 sausages, not to mention the 20 onions I fried earlier !!

Mind you, it was a good event, well attended with some surprises, both with those who did come and those who did not!!

i wore a 'stunning' apron which has attracted several comments of the 'body beautiful' type.........the apron, not mine !!

We've got another Gorrilla, not at the BBQ, but he/she left their evidence with a broken front door on Fase which El Presidente had to turn into 'handyman' once more ( sort of like a male Wonderwoman ) to repair !.

We've also got an incontinent dog ( or two or more ).

It manages to wet just outside Fase 1 and the mess runs down our newly laid rubber ramp.............of course it dries pretty quickly in this hot sun ( eat your heart out those of you in rainy UK ) BUT it blooming well pongs!! Of course it's no ones dog who has done it so it looks as if El Presidente will be on dog p patrol this week !!

We also have a paper nicker ( of the two legged variety ). Whenever anyone puts a notice on the Communal notice board, it disappears toot sweet!! Both El Presidente and Moi have replaced numerous notices that have gone missing. One was actually found screwed up down the back stairs of Fase 2.........................I shall buy El Presidente a finger printing outfit for Christmas and he can play detective !!


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