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Two Poodles living in Spain

The daily lives of two poodles living in Spain. We are a Black Standard Poodle (Grande Caniche) called Dudley and a Cream Standard Poodle called Monica. We were born in a village in the mountains of Andalusia and now live on the Orihuela Costa in Spain. Monica is 4 years old and Dudley is 1. (This blog is in memory of Buddy, one of the original TPLIS who sadly was put to sleep on 27th December 2010).

Rattle Bottle - The Miracle ?!
19 April 2012 @ 00:34

What is a rattle bottle…....well it just a bottle full of stones that Mum shakes at me to stop me from barking and……well… appears to work.
When Mum takes me and Dudley for a walk we both think it is great fun to bark at all the other dogs we meet when we are on the lead. We also love to bark at the two dogs who live in the house round the corner from us. Needless to say Mum isn’t keen on this behaviour and gets really annoyed.
Anyway, someone told her about using a Rattle Bottle, so she made one (see picture below):
and used it and it worked….for us. Now if she see anyone walking towards us with their dog on a lead, she rattles the bottle and we ignore the other dog….well I do…Dudley still likes to strut a little, but I just keep my head down and keep on walking. It also works with the dogs on the corner, we can now walk past them and we don’t bark at them anymore.   Mum is well chuffed.
She has now made some more, all different shapes and sizes. (see below):
This model is her favourite as Chris gets to drink the contents of the can and Mum get to drink the bottle of Cava which is where the cork comes from!!
So if you hear a rattling noise, it could be us going for a walk!
Hasta Pronto
P.S. A word of caution, rattle bottles should used with extreme caution and only as a last resort. 
P.P.S. This form of behaviour modification does not work with people…..mores the pity!!

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