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Two Poodles living in Spain

The daily lives of two poodles living in Spain. We are a Black Standard Poodle (Grande Caniche) called Dudley and a Cream Standard Poodle called Monica. We were born in a village in the mountains of Andalusia and now live on the Orihuela Costa in Spain. Monica is 4 years old and Dudley is 1. (This blog is in memory of Buddy, one of the original TPLIS who sadly was put to sleep on 27th December 2010).

Bye! Bye! Buddy
29 December 2010 @ 17:58

Sovante Elaboration
26.11.98 – 27.12.10.
(aka. Buddy Boo, Bud, Buddy Spud),
It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Buddy was put to sleep on Monday 27th December 2010.
He was a wonderful dog and never had a day’s illness in his life. He loved going to and competing in Agility Shows in the UK; and whilst never winning any trophies, he certainly enjoyed himself and looked terrific running and jumping over the obstacles…….a real joy to watch.
He was diagnosed with a lump in his groin in May. In consultation with my vet, Eduardo, we agreed not to do an exploratory operation to investigate the lump. Buddy was nearly 12 years old and to put him through an operation, the outcome of which was unsure and which at best might only give him another 12 months was not viable.
On Christmas Day he took a turn for the worse and was having trouble peeing and pooing.  He was still eating like a horse and was upset because he messed in the house.....he was always a clean dog.   He was also very wobbly when walking, but he still wanted to go out.  He had a good day on the beach last week, paddling in the sea till a wave knocked him over.
The vet said the tumour in his groin had got a lot bigger, hence not being able to pee and pooh properly. The vets here were fantastic and really kind and caring at the end. 
We are feeling very sad and teary, but at least he isn't suffering any more…… bless him.
So farewell Buddy Boo…..a joy to know and love. xxx

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Poppyseed said:
30 December 2010 @ 00:44

A very moving tribute to a much loved Buddy. I'm sure he is now in doggy heaven at peace with his treasured memories, and you will also have yours.

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