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Two Poodles living in Spain

The daily lives of two poodles living in Spain. We are a Black Standard Poodle (Grande Caniche) called Dudley and a Cream Standard Poodle called Monica. We were born in a village in the mountains of Andalusia and now live on the Orihuela Costa in Spain. Monica is 4 years old and Dudley is 1.

(This blog is in memory of Buddy, one of the original TPLIS who sadly was put to sleep on 27th December 2010).

I'M SO EXCITED............
26 June 2012

and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…....” (The Pointer Sisters).

Why am I so excited….well its Wimbledon, of course!

Just think all that green grass, nets to jump over, the thwack of the ball, rackets so you can hit the ball a long, long way, all that space and what has me really drooling is…………………(see below).

(Mama, wiz zeez tennis balls your are really spoiling me!)

Tennis balls!  Yes that’s right, tennis balls, my all time favourite ball.  I just love, love, LOVE, tennis balls.

So I will be avidly watching the telly this week and thinking how lucky all those people are to be playing with tennis balls.

As Homer Simpson would say……”hmmmm tennis balls”

Hasta Pronto!


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Viva! Viva! Las Vegas
14 May 2012

Just got back from a two week stay, with my brother Dudley, at Jeanette’s Kennels in sunny San Miguel only to find out that Mum and Dad have been jetting all over the West Coat of America. Mum said she couldn’t take us with her as they don’t have any doggie toilet facilities on the plane.  That’s why we stayed here in Spain.
Anyway she has been boring us rotten with all her photos and stories and I thought I would share them with you…….why should me and Duds be the only ones bored!!
This is a picture of Dad trying to win big…..well if you want big bucks you need a big fruit machine!!
and this is what he won!!
They also met this wonderful couple Rich and Winnie Greenback and their dog, Chip, what a handsome boy.
Had a cocktail….or two!
Dad put on his best clothes
and mum got a nice hat and new boots
They had a romantic ride on a gondola
(Please note that this gondola ride is INSIDE The Venetian Hotel, that's right inside!)
AND................sorry but…….”what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!”
Hasta Pronto!

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Rattle Bottle - The Miracle ?!
19 April 2012

What is a rattle bottle…....well it just a bottle full of stones that Mum shakes at me to stop me from barking and……well… appears to work.
When Mum takes me and Dudley for a walk we both think it is great fun to bark at all the other dogs we meet when we are on the lead. We also love to bark at the two dogs who live in the house round the corner from us. Needless to say Mum isn’t keen on this behaviour and gets really annoyed.
Anyway, someone told her about using a Rattle Bottle, so she made one (see picture below):
and used it and it worked….for us. Now if she see anyone walking towards us with their dog on a lead, she rattles the bottle and we ignore the other dog….well I do…Dudley still likes to strut a little, but I just keep my head down and keep on walking. It also works with the dogs on the corner, we can now walk past them and we don’t bark at them anymore.   Mum is well chuffed.
She has now made some more, all different shapes and sizes. (see below):
This model is her favourite as Chris gets to drink the contents of the can and Mum get to drink the bottle of Cava which is where the cork comes from!!
So if you hear a rattling noise, it could be us going for a walk!
Hasta Pronto
P.S. A word of caution, rattle bottles should used with extreme caution and only as a last resort. 
P.P.S. This form of behaviour modification does not work with people…..mores the pity!!

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What ever happed the the maxim....Live and Let Live???
02 February 2012

My brother Dudley and I are not keen on cats and we love to chase them, but the little blighters are too fast for us. However, if we can escape from the terrace we will try and get them.

The other day Dudley managed to slip past mum as she was going out of the gate and ran up to our neighbours house to try and catch one of their cats……but missed.  Mum chased after him and called him back as quick as a wink and no damage was done.
However, the person who lives their, who is a dog hater, reported me to the President of the Community, even though he was only on their property for a matter of minutes.
The President here is a bully with a face only a mother could love and he is now sending us intimidating emails.
It would appear to be OK for their cats to defecate all over the communal gardens and be sick on the path, but we have no right of redress as cats are a law unto themselves, a bit like the President here!
Has they never heard of the maxim…..Live and Let Live!
Get a life!
P.S.  Someone sent me this poster.  I think it is very apt.

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Fun and Games - Campoverde Canine Club
17 December 2011

It was the results of Dudley exam and also our Christmas get together at Campoverde C.C. two weeks ago.  This year we decided to have a change from our usual drinks and mince pies and we had some fun and games instead.
First off we had an Obedience Rally. This entailed each of the owners and their dogs following a course and obeying instructions at each stopping point, i.e. a down stay, a sit stay, etc. This event was won by Zoe Bond and Georgia McCann with Midas.
Next we had the very tricky game of……………… the Potato and Spoon Race. Each owner and dog had to walk, as fast a possible to a given point and back, all the time keeping their potato on their spoon. Very difficult as the spoon had to be in the same hand as their lead.   This was won by Karin and Neil Patrick with Max and Millie.
Next was Musical Mats, similar to the popular children’s game Musical Chairs, except that the dogs had to sit on a mat when the music stopped. The winner of this was Brian Checkley with Ky.
Then we had Simon Says, i.e. Simon Says Sit, Simon Says Down, etc., the slowest dog being eliminated till only one was left and the winner was…..Beverly Farmer and Midas.
Then came the hardest game of all…..Ignore the Sausage!!   A rather tasty sausage was placed on a mat and the dogs had to walk past it, on a very loose lead, and try not to eat it! As you can image this caused lots of hilarity……but three dogs managed to achieve a perfect result, so each won a prize. They were Zoe Bond and Meeka...... Georgia McCann and Midas.......Brian Checkly and Ky.
We then had a short break for refreshments - nibbles for the adults and children and a drink of water for the dogs.
Then it was time for the presentation of the Trophies to the owners and dogs who had worked hard for the last 10 weeks.
The winners were:
Character of the year award,,,,,,,,,, Diane Bond and Meeka.
Basic Class ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Beverley Farmer and Lucia

Intermediate Class,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Beverly Farmer and Midas

Fred Moeken Memorial Trophy for the dog which has made the most progress DUDLEY. (Yep my little brother won a trophy….think they must have made a mistake).
A good time was had by all as you can see from the video link below:-
Hasta Pronto!

P.S.  If you and your dog would lik to come and join in our Fun and Games then please contact Roy on 966762265.  New classes start on 7th January 2012

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Dudley (Part 2)
01 December 2011

I hope you had a good summer. We had a great one, bit too hot when you are wearing a fur coat, but at least we didn’t have any rain.

I am sure you are interested in what has happened to my new little brother……well he has certainly grown. In fact, he is bigger than me now and recently celebrated his 1st Birthday.   Quite a handsome chap, but don’t tell him I said that!
Mum said that now he was a big boy and “cocking his leg” he needed to have his “bits off”.  (Mum said she could think of a couple of “dogs” she would like to do the same thing to, but without anaesthetic…..ouch!). So he had a trip to the vets and came back wearing a bucket on his head. Boy did he look funny. As you can see from the photos, he wasn’t impressed with his new headgear!  He is fine now and back to his usual boisterous self. 
He is attending the same school as me, but has had to re-do a class, because he isn’t as smart as me!  He has his exam soon and I will let you know how he gets on.
Hasta pronto!


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Silence of the (Lamb)..... Poodle ! Part 2
14 June 2011

Well since my last blog I have been back to the vets and guess what….yep there is still something stuck in my tummy.   I have been on liquid paraffin to try and move it (quite tasty that liquid paraffin) BUT the darn thing won’t move.

Eduardo, my vet, after looking at my various X-rays, was convinced that the plastic was in my intestines and so it was decided that an endoscopy would be no good and the only alternative was sugary……I like sweet things!   Sorry……. I mean surgery – on reflection I would have preferred the sugary, but hey I’m only a dog and get no say in these matters.

So last Friday I went to the vets for surgery. I am not sure what happened at the vets, but when I came round I felt terrible and I had a big bandage on my tummy.

Eduardo gave mum the offending bit of plastic as a souvenir and said that no way would it have found its way out……couldn’t someone have given it a map! and that it could have perforated my stomach and caused problems in the future.

I am feeling a lot better now and best of all I am on some very nice nosh at the moment……so every cloud has a silver lining!

Below are some pictures of my ordeal.

Just back from the vets and still groggy from the aneasthetic
Look at my bandage!
Neat bit of!
(the above picture was taken 4 days after the operation)
The offending item !
Hasta pronto!
(Note from Mum: Monica had lots of pieces of plastic in her tummy at least six, which were all sicked up apart from the one bit that showed up on the X-ray. The decision to operate was not taken lightly, but it was felt that as Monica was fit and well, the best course of action was to operate to remove the offending article, rather than have it move and pierce her stomach or intestines at some later date causing peritonitis and the necessity for a life saving operation).

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Silence of the (Lambs)..........Poodle !
27 May 2011

Mum and Dad keep laughing at me and calling me Hannibal Lecter……but I don’t know why?
On Monday evening I didn’t feel well. I felt like there was something in my stomach and I just wanted to be sick, but being a dog I couldn’t just put my paw down my throat……so I had to go around where we live and try and find some grass to chew to make myself throw up. This took ages and Mum and Dad took it in turns to walk me around till I couldn’t be sick anymore. I managed a couple of hours kip, but I still felt like there was something stuck in my throat and I kept gulping to try and clear it.
Tuesday morning mum took me to the vets and explained that I have this habit of eating bits of plastic and when she shouts “drop it” I just swallow it. Normally I sick it up a couple of days later but mum thought that maybe I had some stuck in my tummy.
So Eduardo, my vet, took some X-rays (Mum says these are photographs of your insides….sounds yuk to me). Anyway it turns out my throat was inflamed and it looked like there was still some plastic in my tum. So Eduardo gave me an emetic (this is a drug that causes you to vomit….nice …eh!).
So there I am in the back room of the surgery throwing up and a bit of black plastic came up. (God, don’t you just hate it when mum’s are right!)  We had another X-ray and it looked like all the plastic had gone, but we are going back next week once my throat has stopped being inflamed and my stomach has settled down, just to be sure. If it hasn’t then I have to have something called an endoscopy, where they put a camera down my throat to see what’s in my tummy. Can’t say I am looking forward to that….have you seen the size of a camera….I mean swallowing bits of plastic is easy…..but a camera….no way!
Anyway now I have to wear a muzzle when I go on the field to stop me eating the plastic and that why Mum keeps calling me Hannibal Lecter
I really don’t know what she means…do you?
Hasta pronto!

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Sight for Sore Eyes!
06 April 2011

Sorry I have not been blogging for a while, but I have been having some problems with my eyes. I have had a serious bought of conjunctivitis and my eyes have been really sore. I also have a condition whereby there are little tiny bubbles on my third eye lid which cause my eyes to weep.

Eyes before the operation

So my vet recommended an operation whereby under anaesthetic he scratches the bubbles off with a scalpel. Mum took me to the vets for the day the other week. He gave me an injection with made me all wobbly and then they lifted me on a table and that’s the last thing I remember.   I woke up a few hours later and my eyes were really sore, but they are a lot better now.


Post-operative Audrey Hepburn look!

I am still having drops in my eyes and have to go back to the vets in another week for my final check up, but things are looking good and I am back to my usual beautiful self.


Hasta pronto!

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Introducing My New Brother - Dudley
04 February 2011

As you may know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I lost my big brother Buddy at Christmas and it has been very lonely since…….I don’t have anyone’s toys to steal as they are all mine!
Mum and Dad were missing him too; so much so, that without telling me what was going on we had a trip back to where I was born…..Velez Rubio. What do you think was there…….yes you’ve guessed…..a pup!   He was all fluffy with a fuzzy face and was bouncing around the kennel really full of himself. Mum and Dad fell instantly in love with him and agreed that we would take him home……I wasn’t even consulted. I did meet him in the kennel, but he wouldn’t keep still so I couldn’t get a good look at him, but he seemed OK.
He is black and is my actual brother….having the same mother and father that I had and he is 4½ months old.
On the way back home he was sick……gross. So we stopped at the beach so that Daddy Chris could clean up the mess and I got a chance to run around and play ball. They kept the little black beast on a lead and he was still bouncing round, but he never got my ball…..I made sure of that!
On arriving home, we had something to eat and then a rest and the little beast decided to climb on top of me and go to sleep…..I mean for goodness sake do I look like a cushion!!
Anyway that was two weeks ago and I must admit that although he is a little brat….stealing all MY toys….he is good company and good fun to beat up.
He has also had a bath and a trim and looks a lot more grown up now.
I will keep you posted on his progress and no doubt he will be blogging soon.
Hasta Pronto!


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