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Two Poodles living in Spain

The daily lives of two poodles living in Spain. We are a Black Standard Poodle (Grande Caniche) called Dudley and a Cream Standard Poodle called Monica. We were born in a village in the mountains of Andalusia and now live on the Orihuela Costa in Spain. Monica is 4 years old and Dudley is 1. (This blog is in memory of Buddy, one of the original TPLIS who sadly was put to sleep on 27th December 2010).

Visitors and Not Feeling Well!
24 April 2010 @ 21:35

Monica’s Blog

Sorry I haven’t put paw to keyboard for a while, but we have had visitors for the last couple of weeks and then I haven’t been well, but more of that in a moment.
First of all we had Aunty Susan here for a few days; well she’s really Buddy’s Aunty Susan, not mine. I only met her last year, but she is really nice and has 4 dogs of her own, but they are “only” border collies, not as aristocratic as me, but then again they are pretty special as they are agility dogs, well 3 of them are, Dolly is retired now. Teddy is a handsome red dog, followed by Toots who is a black and white girl and then there is the youngest Billy, also black and white. Billy is doing really well in agility competitions and has won a couple just recently. Buddy loves his Aunty Susan!
Then we had a visit from Daddy Chris’s sister, Sue, her husband Jim and two little humans called grandchildren………..very scary. They are called Evie (aged 6) and Matilda (aged 7½). Buddy thought they were wonderful and they gave him lots of hugs and tickles, but I thought they were very scary and kept out of their way, although I did the odd tickle.
The other reason I haven’t blogged is that my face has been sore. Mum took me to the vets as one side of my face swelled up, it was so bad that the swelling made my eye close up and they kept calling me Cyclops……..what ever that is. At the vets he said it was an abscess and so he gave me a tranquiliser which made me go all floppy, then put me on the table and promptly “popped” the abscess. All this pus and blood came out and I could here mum chanting……..”don’t be sick, don’t be sick”, but I think she meant her not me! Mum had to flush the hole out with a saline solution and put some cream in, which I wasn’t very keen on. To date I still have the hole in my cheek and mum says if it is no better next week she is going to take me back to the vets as it needs to be healed before I go to kennels…………….what’s kennels???
Mum thinks the cause of the abscess was maybe a thorn or an insect bite from when I am chasing my ball on the field, because if it goes in a bush I just stick my head in a grab it. So walks at the moment are a bit boring as she won’t throw the ball… hoo!
Below are some pictures of Aunty Susan’s dogs.
That's Toots on the mini dog walk in Susan's garden and a close up of Teddy, such a handsome boy.

Susan's Dogs - (left to right) Toots, Billy, Teddy, Dolly.

Hasta Pronto!


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Duxbury Ramblers said:
25 April 2010 @ 11:17

They are a lovely bunch, I have to say even Meg loves Auntie Susan.
Nasty things abscess's - especially the cleaning aftercare, years ago I had to do the same thing to one of or cats, clean and keep it open till all the puss was out, it was the smell that got me, I then had to apply some sort of ointment to heal it.

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