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My experience - Earthquakes in Granada - January 2021
27 January 2021 @ 11:56

My Experience in Granada, Spain - 172 tremors in 4 days

Did you know that Andalucia is the region with most seismic activity on the Iberian Peninsula?

This week in Granada was quite exceptional. Although I have lived in Granada since 2006 and experienced some tremors and earthquakes. Nothing so far has been like the past few days.

Between Saturday 23rd January 2021 and now (Wednesday 27th January) there have been over 172 tremors or quakes in the Granada region. The epicentres have been mainly around Santa Fé (some 12 kms from Granada)

Find more here about Granada and Earthquakes in Spain

Saturdays earthquake around midday was intense at 4.4 on the mblg scale but it was the only one. Last night there were at least 6 intense earthquakes between 10.46pm local time and midnight.

The most powerful reaching 4.5 but others were 4.2 4.2 3.7 and 3.5. The sensation depends not only on the intensity but also on the depth. At 5kms these tremors were more noticeable that those much deeper underground.

Even despite the Covid restrictions and curfew. Many locals left their homes to wait in their cars or in squares and open spaces. Some even slept outdoors to stay safe in case their were more quakes.

Experts say that they dont expect bigger earthquakes to impact the region and that buildings are resistant to this level of activity. 

Let´s hope that the earth calms a little now after so much movement in such a short space of time

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