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Understanding Semana Santa in Spain - Easter time in Andalusia
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 10:28 AM

Semana Santa Granada Spain  Easter in Andalusia

Easter is approaching. In just one month we will be enjoying the Easter break.

In Andalusia Semana Santa is an important date in the calendar especialy for locals involved in the processions and hermandades 

This week I have written up an extensive guide to Eastertime in Spain covering the different typical food to look out for and explaining the different participants in the procession and their roles.

Some of the roles in each procession are:

  • Costaleros who carry the figures representing the Easter story on large wooden floats or Pasos
  • Camareras, are ladies dressed in black as a sign of mounring with black lace mantillas and typical comb, peineta. They carry candles too. 
  • The most recognisable figures are Penitente or the Nazareno. These completely covered and wear a pointed hood called a caipirote on their head. With tiny gaps to see you cannot recognise the person walking along. 
  • At the head of the Easter procession you will see the Cruz de Guia. This important touch announces that the procession is Christian one.
  • The head of the hermandad is called the Capataz this figure is important to coordinate the movements of the whole group and timing. 

Find out more about Spanish Eastertime by reading the full article here> Spain at Easter

Another event coming up in Granada soon is the White Night of Culture.

On Saturday 25th March La Noche en Blanco will fill the streets with outdoor activites and museums will be open until late into the night.

Worth taking note if you are in the area around that date.

Wherever you are enjoying Easter I hope you have a wonderful time


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