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Spring has sprung in Granada
20 March 2014 @ 19:13

Today is the first day of Spring. This is my favourite time of the year.

From March until the end of May, this is quite a special season in this corner of the world.

The snow still covers the Sierra Nevada mountains. You can see this clearly from most places in the city. It´s most dramatic perspective is the one behind the Alhambra seen from the Mirador de San Nicolas.

The cherry blossom and other flowering trees and shrubs are blooming around the city. I visited the Alpujarra last week. In the countryside the almond treesswere in flower. Lots of delicate pink and white blooms filled many hillsides.

The local Easter processions are being prepared. Many brotherhoods are practising every weekend. They begin by setting up the wooden float structure without anything on. It is measured for the people carrying it. As there are some taller than others, this is all worked out. So wider beams are added underneath to reach the shoulders of those carrying the float. They will be teamed up with someone else the same height as them to take their spot on the long procession. Some take 12 hours or more. it depends on the route, the weather and how well they work as a team too.

As the weeks pass with the practise, they become more coordinated and stronger. They add weights and bricks to make the weight increase steadily. Finally by the time Easter comes along they manage to take the weight of all the decorations, candles, sculpture or image on their ´paso´ or float that represents their church or parish.

The local bars and restaurants are setting up or extending their outdoor seating. Now having a beer outside in the sunshine is becoming more and more tempting as the days warm up. Of course tourism will increase too as we get closer to Easter so they need to be ready for the rush.

Granada has plenty of agricultural plots around the city. The plains on the edge of the city have delicious Asparagus and Broad beans. Both are typically found in restaurants and in my fridge over these months of spring. Local ham from the Alpujarra works perfectly with the broad beans.

The Crosses of May follow the Easter processions in Granada and Almeria. Although it has changed slightly as there were many bars set up in the city next to the crosses. The locals say that taking this part of the celebration away has altered the atmosphere. I do agree with them, even so, this is still a special time to see Granada. This festival is celebrated the first weekend in May. The crosses are usually set up for one week.

I hope Spring has sprung where you are too.


Enjoy the weekend



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